• Minds Eye Design says:

    Featured Roof Top Tents 💡
    Guide Gear Full Size Truck Tent

    #14 Bundutec Bundutop Electric Roof Top Tent

    #13 Klipspringer roll-on-roll-off camper

    #12 Hannibal Impi Roof Top Tent

    #11 Smittybilt 3 Person Roof Top Tent

    #10 Mt. Denali Standard Stargazer
    Pioneer Roof Top Tent

    #9 Gen 3 Expedition Roof Top Tent

    #8 ECHO RT Roof Top Tent

    #7 Eezi-Awn 1 800 Xclusiv

    #6 Yakima Skyrise Roof Top Tent

    #5 iKamper Skycamp

    #4 Baja Series Mesh Kukenam 3 Roof Top Tent

    #3 Mt. Rainier Extended Stargazer Summit by CVT

    #2 Tamarack Constellation Roof Top Tent

    #1 Adventure Series Automatic 49
    Free Spirit Recreation

  • Great video. Ever tried out Boulder Outdoor Products rooftop tent? I'm looking to pick something up, and purchasing domestic within Canada should keep my costs down. Thanks

  • The choices of tents and styles shown in the video makes life on the road very affordable and stylish. Great selection of practical inventions.

  • kimberly Rousseau says:

    Loved the 👍 Video. I have a van been looking at affordable camper vans🧐… or to hire person or place, to turn van into camper van… These many roof tents ⛺️ to consider, would be perfect solution! Thank you

  • I've been told that sleeping in these things feels like you're rocking in a boat if there's any breeze at all. So if you're prone to sea-sickness it's not a good idea.

  • Für Pickupfahrer die ein Dachzelt aufbauen wollen kann ich die Firma Belding GmbH und Ihre Hardtops nur empfehlen!! Mit einem billigen Zusatz bei der Bestellung (Seitenverstärkung des Hardtops) wird eine Dachlast bis zu 240 kg gewährt! Mit 2 Personen und Sack und Pack hält das Ding allem stand. Und kein extra Metallrahmen auf der Ladefläche um die Kräfte tragen zu können weil bei der Produktion irgend ein Drecksstoff inne Form gefeuert wurde. GFK ist geil.. Grüße Thilo

  • Make your own for less than a 100 bucks… here’s how, buy a tent you can afford, make a plywood flooring on top of the roof rack and your set. You can make a border around the flooring so it’s secure or strapped down with the mattress you like. When your done fold back up and cover it and strap, it down fold up your ply wood flooring if need be.

  • I want something like this for my F150. Or a truck bed tent. We're on our third travel trailer, love it, but want to go lighter and more remote.

  • I find all these roof top tent interesting but I would have to check them out in person to get a good idea which one I like the most. I also like the video of these different tents so I know what's out there thank you for making this video

  • I just bought one of these but I wonder if it was more of an impulse purchase as I could have just bought a smaller tent for 100 bucks. Hoping this will be a quick to deploy tent compared to. Regular tent

  • Pamela Pettit-holt says:

    I like these rooftop tents. Off the cold uneven ground. Predators and pests have a way less advantage. Also the air passes through well above ground.

  • if i have a offroad rv i would like to put one on the side instead on the roof,pull it down and then open it up with post on the sides..crazy idea

  • It would be really helpful if you mentioned what types of vehicles the roof tents would fit on. I have a Tacoma truck with a 5 foot bed. This video gives me a little bit of an idea of what is out there, but I have to go to all through all the manufacturers to see what tents will fit my truck.

  • I have a 2019 Subaru Ascent and considering to buy a roof top tent that is light weight and durable, which one do you suggest? Thanks.

  • Alessandro Terracciano says:

    you didn't mention the freespirit high country 80" tri-layer which talking price wise and material is better than all the tent in this list , not to mention the room you got inside !

  • Yes, well-made, cheaper than hotel, feel safer than on ground, great if camping in a flood zone. However, when comparing to ground or truck-bed tents, rooftop tents have a couple drawbacks:
    expensive; $1,500-5,000
    emergencies: can’t use truck while tent is up
    danger: you could fall out or roll off floor, ruin tent
    heavy: 200-800 lbs. need help loading/unloading
    storage: need big spot in garage
    dogs/toddlers: gotta carry them/down up ladder
    size: usually just 2-3 people
    climate control: colder in winter, warmer in summer
    wind: more susceptible to damage in high-winds
    convenience: quick in and out is too difficult
    restroom access: that midnight, gotta' pee option is compromised
    campsite location: have to drive/park where your tent is
    height restriction: no parking under trees

  • They all lack an indoor toilet….the older you get the more important that becomes…its also essential when travelling with small children

  • Thank you for this overview of what is on the market.
    I live in France and 20 months ago bought a hard top tend made by James Bareau. They are made in Portugal.
    I just love it! I have only used it in France but by the beach and also the high mountains. I hope to make a you tube video about my experiences as an older, not very muscular woman. I can tell you at the beginning it was an epic effort to open and close it!

  • Michal Viktorin says:

    Roof tend is a great idea. Not only it saves space in your car and time building it, but I would also use it as a guest room on summer or warm days in spring and fall, so it is useful even if you are not traveling.

    What I would like to add, would be another folding area that could be enclosed with some fabric. Purpose would be enclosed outdoor shower and area for placing small mobile composting toilet, to create enclosed outdoor toilet as well.

  • The useless Account says:

    Can we all agree that the girl at the end is a freaking robot. No, seriously! I knew I'd live long enough to see androids one day.
    The things man builds…
    end days?

    Oh, and the tents are kinda nice too. Tepui didn't make the list ??

  • Will Hopkins Hopkins says:

    Design a roof top tent that can allow you to have access to get into your vehicle through sun roof in case of emergency, I lived in the Appalachian mountains with bears cats,wolves, I've seen what they can do,it would be nice to have roof top tent that is designed to give you access to your vehicle without exposing yourselves to these animals,

  • Very Innovative designs. I've had other kinds of tent but I think now I'm more into a small lightweight fiberglass pull behind that I can just disconnect and use the vehicle for other things.

  • I'm intrigued by the vehicle top tents, but I really liked the one that you can drive away from. When I camp I like to find my spot and then take day trips from that spot. At first I thought, Holy Cow, they are expensive, but then you take into consideration what a typical decent truck topper cost, add the expense of a ladder, motorized mechanisms, and the fact that you are up off the ground AND you get to keep the back of your truck for other cargo . . . it seems reasonable enough.

  • i love the roof top tents, but i have a snug top brand camper shell mounted on top of my access cab tacoma, is my rig strong enough to support the weight of a rtt, 2 adults, 1 almost teenager, and a medium sized dog.

  • You should put the prices on each tent so the cheapskates can complain that an innovative high quality tent should be less than half the price, no matter what the actual cost is.

  • Dr.Deplete YourSoul says:

    They’re all very nice, unless you want to actually have use of your vehicle other than just driving it somewhere in parking it’s in not being able to use it after you set up the tents.

  • These look great, but they're way too expensive. We're a family of four and using an 8 person Coleman dome tent that we purchased for $100 . I don't see a good enough reason that's worth spending the extra thousand dollars or more…

  • Kaiser Dragon says:

    Those all are way to expensive for my taste only be using it in warm weather when i go scuba diving.. Need something that goes ontop of my jeep renegade trailhawk

  • I totally forgot about tents rated for the snow. That would be good to have in colder climates especially in the mountains or in Alaska

  • Hi!, really like the video and thanks for going into a lot more detail than most videos. here's my question: I am actually building my own adventure trailer to tow behind my Jeep, and I am curious if there are trailer top tents like the one Patriot trailers makes for their x1 trailer that can be bought on their own and that are also of very high quality. the reason I like the trailer style tent is for the side entrance rather than the floor entrance, which means that when mounting on a trailer the roof carrier would not need to be adjustable to raise the tent up high enough to attach an annex or be able to stand under a RTT, with a side entrance tent it all stays in one place. let me know whats out there! thanks

  • Allen Johnson says:

    Im from the UK and have never seen one of these before, very cool, I would love one. in the UK you would get stared at none stop as they are just never seen here.

  • Oh I want one! I also have the greatest design for a roof camper- just gotta draw it out…….. So cool on Land Rovers!!! My PEOPLE!!! 🙂 08 LR3 SE 🙂

  • Fish On with Rich and Terrie says:

    This is the only video we've seen that showed so many different kinds. Just wish you would spend alittle more time on each kind and we're looking for something to use with our Toyota Camry. Thank you!

  • I'm an older adult with an XJ. These look great, but the ladder worries me….falls of course. Any safety features available for climbing in and out?

  • I love my IKamper but don’t like the coats for the additions such as the tarp, shoe rack, light strip, etc. anyone have any less costly alternatives to use with my RTT?

  • Giselle Curatolo says:

    Ridiculously expensive even for the manual ones. They need to have more that will integrate the sunroof of the vehicle to access the sleeping area .

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