Hello everyone and welcome to my channel I’m Alex a.k.a. Alex The Vagabond and in this video I’m extremely excited to share with you
all of the tips for Costa Rica my favorite country in Latin America. I have visited Costa Rica seven times the first time way back in 2002 when I was a 14 year-old surf Grom and that first visit to Costa Rica
really solidified my love for the Spanish language, for surfing and for the
country of Costa Rica. So I’m really excited to share all the tips that I’ve learned from multiple visits to this beautiful Central American nation in
this video. Before we get started make sure that you’re subscribed with notifications enabled so you don’t miss any future videos and if you’re enjoying
this video please give it a big thumbs up. Alright. Let’s go. Should we start? So let’s start things off with a couple
of fast facts Costa Rica is by far and large the most popular tourist
destination in Central America. Over 80% of visitors come from the United
States and in 2018 there were over three million visitors coming to Costa Rica. The country is small it’s only the size of West Virginia but don’t be fooled by
its diminutive size. It’s the most biodiverse country in the world. Costa Rica is located in Central America and is bordered in the north by Nicaragua and in the south by Panama it’s got the
Pacific Ocean on its west coast and on its East Coast it has the Caribbean Sea
it’s divided into seven regions, San Jose Alajuela, Heredia, Cartago, Guanacaste,
Punta Arenas, and Limón. The name Costa Rica derives from Spanish and it means rich coast because the first Spaniards who arrived in Costa Rica were greeted
by natives who were wearing elaborate gold rings in their ears and noses. Speaking of those original inhabitants archeologists have found evidence that
shows habitation from humans over 10,000 years ago In the 1500s Christopher
Columbus stopped in Costa Rica on his final voyage and it became a colony of
Spain but after that it was pretty much neglected the Spanish didn’t find the
riches that they were looking for in Costa Rica so it became this kind of
periphery in the Spanish colonial empire In 1821 Costa Rica followed Mexico’s
lead and declared independence from Spain becoming a sovereign nation in
1824. Since then the country has evolved immensely it’s one of the leaders in
conservation globally because of its biodiversity it’s also a leader in
ecotourism and it’s one of the most amazing destinations in the Americas so
let’s get into the tips. Number one. Unfortunately, Costa Rica is not
that cheap because it’s one of the safest countries in Latin America it
doesn’t have a standing army and it has relatively low crime rates compared to
its neighbors it’s become the go-to destination for Gringo’s primarily from
the United States to go on vacation Costa Rica’s popularity has translated
into higher prices across the board so if you’re trying to keep your costs low
then I would suggest avoiding the large group tours I’m talking about like the
ziplining canopy tours ATV tours things of those nature now that might be fun
and if you have the budget to allocate to that then by all means go right ahead
ziplining through the forest in the Costa Rican canopy is really cool and
you can see lots of wildlife but it is expensive. Most bills when eating out
even at small restaurants are going to include a 10% service tip and a
13% tax but the good news is you don’t have to tip on top of that. Also for visiting most natural sights you’re probably gonna have to pay a small fee
between ten and twenty dollars usually for parking and security so even if
you’re rolling up on a waterfall in the middle of nowhere someone has set up a
small business that has a parking lot and you’re gonna have to pay for parking
that also essentially is like a security charge you pay for that so that the
security guard keeps your car and your belongings safe while you are bathing. Tip number two avoid the crowds if you can. The low season in Costa Rica is May to
December this is the rainy season in the country Costa Rica doesn’t have four
seasons like temperate places in the northern and southern hemisphere because
Costa Rica is very close to the equator it only really has two seasons the rainy
season and the dry season now I visited both in the dry and in the
rainy season essentially in the rainy season it’s gonna rain pretty much every
single day but these are small for the most part tropical storms that get a
little bit of rain maybe in the morning and then clear out by the
afternoon for a nice sunset it does make for very dramatic photos during the
rainy season the dry season is much drier it’s much dustier and it’s hotter
so I have visited in both the wet and the dry season personally I prefer to
visit during the low season during the rainy season if you are going to visit
during the rainy season I highly recommend avoiding the month of October
this is the rainiest month of all. Avoid October if you can. Tip number three
accommodation so Costa Rica has the whole gamut of accommodation everything
from little family-run bed and breakfasts to large international global
chains I’ve stayed in many small family-run hotels right on the beach
these are great options I highly recommend if you’re trying to go surfing
visit my friends over at Surf Inn Hermosa at Playa Hermosa Beach. But the last time that I visited my fiancee Carrie and I stayed in an air B&B down in the south
of the country in multiple different Airbnbs actually and that was the most
gratifying way for me personally to travel. So choosing sites that aren’t on
everybody’s list is really gonna help you save money with your accommodation. Tip 4 rent a car. Absolutely essential Costa Rica does not have great public
transportation pretty much just buses and the roads are very windy and can be
quite dangerous so rent a car I highly recommend you get insurance because
drivers in Costa Rica especially the truck drivers drive quite
aggressively on single lane narrow roads with twists and curves and cliffs also
do not speed because there are speed traps all over the place the police in
Costa Rica are well aware that there are many Gringo’s who have rented cars who
might be going a little bit fast and therefore you will get pulled over you
will have to pay a small fine which is kind of essentially a bribe to be let go
and let on your wet drive the speed limit stay super alert and be careful
when you are passing cars. When I went on my first trip to Costa Rica when I was 14 I got in a car crash I was in the backseat of a truck they tried to pass a
semi-trailer and there was a another semi-trailer coming straight at us and
we just barely managed to make it into that gap but we were clipped it could
have been much worse I was very lucky I did have a huge welt on my head and had
to go to a hospital luckily they have great hospitals so drive carefully! Tip number five, get prepared to be wet. Now even in the dry season, it does rain
occasionally. It is a tropical lush country and that is due to the amount of
rain that it receives but even when it’s not raining it can be extremely humid so
wear clothes that breathe well like linens or synthetic materials having
clothes that dry quickly that wick moisture and that breathe is very very
important as is bringing a light shell rain jacket to keep you dry when it does
rain. Mornings tend to have the best weather as well so if there’s something
that you’re trying to do like a hike where you’re gonna be active and
sweating I highly recommend that you do that towards the beginning of the day. Tip six volcanoes. Costa Rica is a highly active volcanic region and these
volcanoes really do dictate the weather systems in the country especially in the
highlands one of the benefits of volcanic activity are hot springs. And if you go to the town of Arenal there are quite a lot of hot springs to choose
from this last time that I visited I had the pleasure of staying in Tabacon
Hot Springs Resort this place is literally heaven on earth if you have a
bit of a budget to splurge I highly recommend staying there for at
least a night but you can also pay and get access to the thermal River it’s
essentially a hot river that comes down through this beautiful jungle and you
can soak and it’s just one of the most magical and fantastic hot spring
experiences you will ever have so when you go to Arenal do not miss out on the hot
springs. Arenal is also one of the top ten most active volcanoes in the world
although it has been dormant for the last seven years so don’t be alarmed if
you smell sulfur but definitely it’s worth Googling before you visit what the
volcano is doing. Number seven wildlife Costa Rica is one of the most
biologically diverse countries on earth it only takes up .03%
of the Earth’s surface but over 5% of Earth’s species call
Costa Rica home. Costa Rica is also leading the way in conservation in Central America over 25 percent of Costa Rica’s landmass are protected in
national parks that means for visitors that there’s over 100 protected wildlife
areas to visit so if you’re into bird-watching or just being out in
nature you’re quite literally spoiled for
choice in Costa Rica. Monkeys are the most common mammal but be careful Howler monkeys can be territorial and aggressive you’ll probably hear their
noise coming from the canopy it sounds something like so when you hear that you know it’s a
howler monkey not just like some angry ogre in the forest
I’m sorry Shrek. and also be aware if a howler monkey is right above you do not
antagonize it because they do as monkeys do which means sometimes they defecate
in their hands and have been known to throw that defecation at you so be
careful howler monkeys do throw poop. It’s also home to 52 different types of
hummingbirds and if you know how to say hummingbird in Spanish write it down
there in the comment section. Costa Rica is also home to over 750,000 different species of insects that’s over three-quarters of a million
different types of insects it’s home to more than 10% of the world’s butterflies
so if you’re afraid of creepy crawlies then definitely be aware Costa Rica has
a lot of bugs they’re very big and they do occasionally from time to time make
their way into your hotel room also there are mosquitoes so make sure you
bring a solid mosquito repellent and make sure that you bring that from home
because that along with sunscreen is quite expensive in Costa Rica it’s
marked up a lot because locals don’t really buy either of those products only
gringos do so the prices are quite inflated but make sure that you’re
putting that on your ankles your wrists the back of your neck because mosquitoes
definitely love gringo blood. One of the best ways to
deal with the mosquitoes though is to wear long-sleeve long leg clothing. I’ll
link down in the description some of the clothes that I recommend bringing like a
packing list that’s down there in the description so make sure you check that
out if you’re wondering what you should bring. Lastly, I recommend visiting the Osa Peninsula if you can it is quite
literally the most biodiverse place on planet earth it’s very rugged it’s quite
an adventure to get there but there are some very unique eco hotels out on the
peninsula as well as a really good wave called Matapalo where you can stay
and surf it’s a journey to get there it required
us crossing a river on a floating barge which was quite an adventure in itself
but it’s a beautiful region and it is the most biodiverse place on earth so if
you’re into different animals and different plant species then head to the
Osa Peninsula. Alright, Number 8, beaches. There are over 801 miles of coastline and over 300 different beaches to choose
from any way you look at it a trip to Costa Rica has plenty of coastline for
you to explore plenty of beaches for you to lounge and luxuriate at and if you’re a
surfer like myself then you are spoiled for choice with waves. Some of the best
surf waves that I’ve experienced in Costa Rica are Playa Hermosa just
outside of Jaco. Ollie’s Point and Witches Rock which require a boat trip from
Tamarindo. and then also in the south Pavones, a mythical left Point Break
that is kind of fickle it doesn’t get swell very often but when it does it is
an incredible wave and I got very lucky this last trip to be able to catch it
with a good swell so there’s also the wave Matapalo on the Osa Peninsula
but there are plenty of waves to choose from in Costa Rica both on the Pacific
and on the Caribbean side If you want beaches without the crowds
then you should head to the Caribbean side of Costa Rica home to a more
diverse afro-caribbean culture it’s also home to some incredible sights that are
worth seeing. Head to Porto Viejo and check out the Jaguar preserve there
as well as Finca La Isla Botanical Garden. Number nine, Cloud Forests. Besides volcanoes the other thing that Costa Rica is very well known for
internationally are its cloud forests cloud forests are very unique ecosystems
they’re high alpine forests that have a hundred percent humidity. This humidity
creates a haze that people often say is like walking through a cloud. This unique humid environment leads to some very incredible biodiversity in the
cloud forests themselves also remember that the cloud forests are much cooler
and more wet so make sure that you have a jacket something to keep you warm
because the temperatures are much cooler than down in the lowlands by the beach. Tip 10 San Jose. San Jose is actually quite a young city it remained essentially a village until well into the 1800s. Now over one-third of the
population of Costa Rica “Tico’s” or “Ticas” as they’re known live in San Jose and the surrounding suburban areas. The main airport to the country is
in San Jose unless you’re flying into Tamarindo and Guanacaste. Personally, I’m not a huge fan of San Jose but things have been changing its modernizing it’s
getting safer and there are more food options now including a craft brewery
but for me personally I don’t spend all that much time in San
Jose, when I land I rent a car and I head straight to the coast. Tip Eleven, Coffee. Costa Rica is known internationally for the quality of its coffee beans and
coffee is still a major draw in Costa Rica as well as one of its largest
exports. Coffee has played a huge role in the country’s political, economic, and
cultural development. Coffee growing took off in the late 1700s and created what we’re known as coffee barons. The “golden bean” is still a prized export but coffee
production has become much more small-scale also most coffee plantations
in Costa Rica have some form of tour with a tasting available for tourists. Tip Twelve get off the beaten path This last trip to Costa Rica my fiancee
and I spent a bit of time in Playa Hermosa surfing and then we drove the
whole length of the Pacific coast down to Pavones on the southern border of
the country. It was quite an amazing road trip. Getting off the beaten path in
Costa Rica is really gonna open up new experiences for you it’s gonna bring
your budget down because you’ll be staying farther away from the touristic
centres and it’s really just gonna give you a more authentic Costa Rican
experience a real taste of the Pura Vida as they say there. If you get a
chance I highly recommend that you visit a turtle hatchery so some of these
beaches in Costa Rica are home to returning sea turtles who nest and give
birth to their young there. Depending on what time of year you visit you can see the turtles coming in from the sea to lay their eggs or the young newly
hatched turtles emerging from the nests and climbing down to the beach to begin
their lives in the ocean. Either way you do it, it’s a really magical experience
and it’s gonna give you a whole new appreciation for the life of a sea
turtle and the beautiful birth of these incredible aquatic creatures. That being said many of these beaches are protected and you can’t visit
without a guide so look into that for yourselves depending on which region
you’re visiting. Finally Tip Number Thirteen Eat like a local. I am a huge fan of the
“Plato Typico” as they say or the Casado’s which literally means married, because
these are the plates the typical dishes of families something that your wife
would make you back in the day. It usually consists of a protein whether
it’s a “Bistec” a steak, “Pollo” chicken or some fish along side some rice and
black beans with some plantains. As well as breakfast of “Gallo Pinto” which is kind of like a little mixed fried rice breakfast fried rice with some eggs on
the side. Lizano salsa, the green salsa is just like life-changing it’s just so
so good especially after a morning of surfing so I highly recommend that you
try that out when you visit Costa Rica. Okay, ladies and gentlemen, those are my tips for Costa Rica I am a huge fan of Costa Rica the
Ticos and the Ticas that I have met in my life have always been
extremely hospitable and kind so please when you visit make sure that you’re
respectful to the locals and that you respect the environment because Costa
Rica is just such a unique country and it deserves as much conservation and best
behavior as we can give it so, please when you visit just remember
be respectful, be good travelers and you will have an amazing time experiencing
the “Pura Vida” or the Pure Life if you enjoyed this video please give it
a big thumbs up share it with your travel buddies hit that subscribe button
with notifications enabled if you have not already and please I’d love to hear
your tips for Costa Rica down there in the comments section because I know I’m
ready to go back right now I just made this video and I’m like it’s time for me
to visit again okay Thank you very much, we’ll see each other in the next video and… I love you. Bye everybody as I always say “Train harder, fail smarter and never give up” I’ll see you all on the next one peace

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