10 Ways You’re Traveling Wrong In England

19 thoughts on “10 Ways You’re Traveling Wrong In England”

  • PG Plays Video Games says:

    I'm at 4:00 into the video and all of the advice is applicable in general.

    At 7:00 reminds me of the Mr Bean skit where he orders raw beef (it didn't look like tartare….) at a restaurant and now he has to pretend he enjoyed it. The best part was the ending where he pretends there's raw beef all over the restaurant xD

  • Lovely video! We live aboard our sailboat preparing to sail around the world as husband, wife, and cat! this is great info for when we sail over to Europe haha! Cheers <3

  • Come to Wisconsin for fish and chips. Almost every restaurant does it every Friday. You're bound to find a good one. Also beer batter.

  • One thing Americans do which does my head in is take away your plate RIGHT after you finish when other people at the table are still eating. It’s SO RUDE

  • My best friend from school lives in Ely! I live on the other side of Cambridge but in Essex near the border between the 2 counties. To go to a shopping centre & department stores I go to Cambridge

  • Would definitely say leave a 10% tip if there's no service charge on your bill in a restaurant which I didnt think was that common anyway. Having previously worked as a waitress, I know i definitely appreciated getting tips and it lets waiters/waitresses know if they've provided good service or not. Here in Scotland, there's normally only a service charge for large parties (around 8+ people), in really fancy restaurants or occasionally if you're sitting outside on a terrace or something

  • I think my biggest thing with tipping in the UK is you don't tip if they didn't earn it, if the food and the service is awful then you don't tip. The better the service and food the bigger the tip will be.

  • NGL, can't imagine anyone getting properly offended by imitating our accent. Like prob a little annoying if happened all the time, but not much.

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