10 Things to do in Porto, Portugal Travel Guide

10 Things to do in Porto, Portugal Travel Guide

Lisbon is beautiful, but Porto is magical. We arrived in Porto with our taxi driver’s
words still ringing in our ears, and we’re happy to say, the city did not disappoint! Our time in Porto (Oporto) was spent sipping
on Port wine, soaking in the views across the Douro River, wandering through the hilly
streets, and marvelling at buildings covered in blue tiles. In this travel guide, we’re going to share
a little bit of Porto’s magic with you, and also show you some of the things you too
can see, eat, and drink when you visit Porto (Oporto)! So first stop we are currently in front of
Iglesia de Carmo ((Igreja do Carmo -Capela das Almas)) and check out those blue tiles
on the exterior. That is pretty fancy. Also known as the Chapel of Souls, this church
is covered in tiles that represent moments in the life of Saint Francis of Assisi and
Saint Catherine. Okay guys so next up we’re going to visit
Livraria Lello (Lello Bookstore) which has been voted one of the most beautiful bookstores
in the whole world. And we tried to get in but you need to get
a ticket and you have to buy that from the corner shop. So this right here is the corner shop. Yeah. It is called Armazéns do Castelo so you go
in there get your ticket and then you walk down the street show your ticket and get in. It is just to the left. Just to the left. Just like a few shops maybe three or four
shops down on the corner. Exactly. Easy to find. So yeah and what is the price? We don’t know. Your parents are paying for this. I thought I saw it outside. I think it is 4 Euros per person. Four Euros per person. There you go. Once you set foot inside, this bookstore is
a feast for the eyes. All across the room, you have details competing
for your attention: the carved wooden banister, the crimson staircase, the sturdy shelves
all lined with books, and the busts of famous Portuguese writers. The bookstore was even frequented by JK Rowling
when she taught English in Porto, and it’s reported to have been an inspiration in her
Harry Potter series. So we just found the book for Sam. Simply Samuel. I feel like we should peruse through the pages
and see if it is a good fit for you. So we just finished visiting that wonderful
bookshop. Yeah, we sure did. What did you think? Well, I get why they charge admission. Yeah. Because it is small in there. It is smaller than I anticipated. It is tiny. Yeah. It is tiny. But it is so interesting inside. Yeah. Like it is definitely worth visiting and apparently
if you buy a book you get your admission price back. Yeah. Right. So you pay 4 Euros to get in but then that
is discounted from your purchase. So that is a good deal I’d say. We didn’t get anything. We just paid admission. Your Mom got bookmarks. There you go. So it is not everyday that we come to a train
station (Estação Ferroviária de São Bento) as a tourist attraction. I know. But this one. It makes me wish we could have got train tickets
to come here in the first place. Yeah, we came here by bus but imagine arriving
here. It would have been epic and it is so centrally
located too. Yeah. Most train stations are kind of on the outskirts
but this is right in the heart of the city. Our next attraction in the city was Porto
Cathedral (Sé do Porto), and just as we were approaching, we were treated to these views. Porto Cathedral is one of the oldest landmarks
in the city. Though cathedrals in Europe can start to get
a bit repetitive, especially if you’re covering numerous cities, it’s worth seeing the cloisters
where the walls are covered in blue tiles. We then continued even further downhill, until
we reached the neighbourhood of Ribeira, which sits right on the shores of the Douro River. This neighbourhood is lined with many sidewalk
cafes, bars, and restaurants, so it’s a nice place to rest your legs and do a bit
of people watching. We were feeling pretty hungry by the time
we made it down here, so we wandered down some of the back streets until we found a
small restaurant serving up some local specialities. Okay so we are doing Tapas for lunch today. Yeah. We’ve just ordered a whole bunch of different
things so I’m going to start off with chorizo in a red wine sauce. It looks delicious. Mmmm. Oh wow, so tender. And very it looks good and nice and rich. Now I’m going to try some fresh cheese in
a pumpkin sauce. I’m going to put it on one of these little
looks like a crispy cracker. Mmm. How is that? It looks good. It is really sweet. Yeah, the jam is really sweet. And the cheese is smooth. Sam is going to try the Bolinhos de bacalhau. Oh my gosh. We’ve been looking for these for days. We really have. They look beautifully done here. Yeah, so this is cod salted. Dehydrated cod. Mmm. And then it is shaped and fried. Mmmmm. The other ingredients there is like potato. Oh my gosh. And I think maybe chives. Yeah. That is so good. It is so I love how it is crispy on the outside
and kind of smooth in the middle. Yeah. Nice and fluffy. You know it has got the fish taste but it
is not overwhelming either. It is so good. With bellies full, we made time for one more
attraction: the Church of Saint Francis (Igreja de São Francisco). So we just finished visiting the Church of
São Francisco). It was 6 Euros per person but you are not
allowed to film or take any photos so we can’t show you but I went in with Sam’s Mom and
it was really impressive. It is like the whole interior of the church
is covered in this really ornate wood with like lots of intricate designs and patterns
and it is all painted in gold. And then you have these lights shining on
the wood so it is all like glowing so it is really beautiful. And the admission price also gives you access
to the catacombs and to the museum. So I would say it is worth it. Okay guys so it is our second full day of
sightseeing here in Porto (Oporto) and our first stop is the Bolhao Market (Mercado do
Bolhão) if I’m pronouncing that correctly. So yeah it is already mid morning. I’m feeling a little bit hungry. I could eat an early lunch so we’re going
to have a look around and see if we can find some bites. So far I’ve only seen fresh produce like fruits,
vegetables also lots of flower stands. But I’m hoping that when we go to the lower
level we’ll find some tasty dishes so that is the plan. Fingers crossed. So we may have arrived a bit too early for
the restaurants on the ground floor to open, but we did find a bakery, so cake it was! So we ended up finding a little bakery and
this is going to be our mid morning snack. I went for the carrot and coconut cake and
George what did you get Dad? I don’t know chocolate chocolate with custard
in the middle. Oh awesome. Okay why don’t you guys try them for us. Let’s try it. Mmmm. How does it taste? Mmmm. Delicious. Delicious. What do you think Audrey? All that is missing is a coffee in the other
hand. Yeah, we could use a coffee it is very cold
this morning. The bridge we’ve all been waiting for. All been waiting for. The bridge in Porto. The famous bridge. Exactly. Let’s go cross it. The Bridge we had all been waiting for was
Dom Luis 1 Bridge (Ponte D. Luís I), which spans the Douro River. If this structure reminds you a bit of the
Eiffel Tower, that’s because it was designed by a student of Gustave Eiffel. The lower deck carries regular traffic with
narrow walkways for those on foot, and the upper deck is reserved for pedestrians and
the metro lines. For the best views of Porto, you need to walk
the upper deck! Alright guys so we just finished crossing
Dom Luís I bridge across the river. We had done it yesterday on the lower level. Today we took the top level. Yeah. And woah! There goes my hat. And if you’re wondering if it is a little
windy yes. Yes, it is. It is windy. I better hold onto this. Um, yeah it is a little freaky going on the
top level just because you are so high up but the views that you get of the city are
just incredible. So it is worth doing it even if you’re inching
your way across. The bottom level doesn’t cut it compared to
the top. No, no not at all. You’d have to walk on the top level and voila. There you have Porto (Oporto). So there is basically three things you can
do around the Douro River aside from just walk across the bridge. You can take a cable car for some really scenic
views. You can also take a funicular to help save
your legs and there is 50 minute river cruises that are running currently for 15 Euros that
you can also take. Once we had walked across the bridge, there
was only one thing on our minds: to visit one of the many wineries that line this side
of the river! We ended up walking into Croft for a wine
tasting without need for an appointment, and this turned out to be one of our favourite
activities in Porto (Oporto)! And we have queijo do ba saumon. Queijo de deliz which is a little bit spicy. So the spiciness is very good. And then we also have queijo de richo. And this is especially made in Portugal? This is made in Portugal. So we’ve ended up at Croft for our wine tasting. And Sam and I have ordered two different types
of wines. You went for the ruby reserve. I have the 10 year old tawny and I’ve already
had a sip of these and they’re really tasty. Really sweet right? Mmmhmm. They are almost like honey like and syrupy. They’re really good. Do you have a favorite amongst the two? I really like my 10 year old tawny. Haha. I paid a little extra for that and it was
worth it. That one was 5 Euros and the other one was
three so yeah. And to pair with our wines we also ordered
a platter with four different Portuguese cheeses. And we also have some nuts and apricots and
crackers and Sam couldn’t resist getting some chocolate so we have two raspberry chocolates
in here. Yeah. We’re well set. Mmmhmm. Now let’s try to enjoy it. Filled to the brim with port wine (vinho do
Porto), cheese and chocolate, we enjoyed a light stroll along the Douro River, watching
the boats bob in the water. Not a bad way to end our second full day in
the city! Alright guys so if there is one meal that
you have to eat when you come to Porto it is the famous Francesinha. We’ve been hearing about this sandwich forever. Yeah. So we’re super excited to finally try it. And basically this sandwich is said to have
roots in Belgium and France. Apparently a Portuguese man had been living
overseas and then when he returned back home to Portugal he was like I’m going to bring
the Croque-monsieur to my country and kind of give it a little twist so the locals will
enjoy it. And so the Francesinha was born. It is a massive sandwich we’ve seen them preparing
it out front. It looks so so good. It looks so amazing. So we’re going to show you a few clips of
that. ALso we’re eating at the most famous restaurant
of them all. We’ve come to Bufete Fase yeah and they just
specialize in the Francesinha. That is all they serve. There is no menu. You get this and you order a beer with it. You order beer. You just come here for the sandwich and the
beer. It is a must so that is what we’re having. And these things are massive. Behemoths. So yeah I don’t know how we’re going to tackle
this but let’s talk about the ingredients. Yeah. So two slices of thick bread apparently the
thicker the better and inside grilled bread too. Yeah they grill it. It has got I believe sausage. Oh my gosh. Steak or roast beef. Look at all of that cheese. Copious amounts of cheese. Yeah, it is three different kinds of meat. Oh my gosh. Let’s cut it down the middle. So you can see the inside. This is a dissection guys. Yeah. This is the dissection. And yeah it is covered in cheese. It is all melted and the sauce that it is
in it is a tomato and beer sauce. Oh ho look at how big that is woah woah. Can you separate it more for us? Yeah. Oh wow! There we go. Oh, check that out. Wow! Let’s try to get a piece with a little bit
of everything. This is so thick. Look at all of that cheese. It is going to be a bit of a challenge. Woah! Look at that. That is ridiculous. Oh my gosh. That is ridonculous. And this says it is like freshly made. Oh yeah. It is still steaming. Oh yeah. Mmmmm. What say you? Oh my gosh. Life changing? Hahaha! There is no way I would want to share this
with you. Now that I’ve tried it I’m glad I have my
own. We’re not going to be having much else today
but we need our own. Oh and we asked for the sauce to be spicy
and it is. Okay. That is good. That was one of the things they asked. Do you want spicy sauce? I’m impressed. I’m impressed so far. I’ve only had one bite. Oh yeah! Mmmm. Good stuff huh? I’m just going in for this. Grabbing a bite with tonnes of cheese. Taking it for a gigantic swim. Oh yeah. Look at that meat. Look at that meat and the dripping sauce. All of those layers of steak and ham and sausage. Whoever invented this was on to something
good. And I mean this is it kind of reminds me of
like if you were to challenge yourself say during your University years with just like
leftover ingredients and like how can I make a really awesome sandwich? You might come up with something like this. We thought we were done but we’re not because
I know. They just brought us more sauce for the fries. It is like they read our minds. Yeah, seriously. We’re like a little over halfway through our
meal. Oh yeah load that up. And they brought us more sauce. Pour that for me too please. That is amazing. Oh my gosh. Yeah. This is just I think we’re going to need a
siesta after this. Oh. Yeah this is so filling. Like I’m struggling but it is so good I don’t
want to stop. And that’s a wrap for our visit to Porto! We hope you guys enjoyed following along and
that you got a few ideas for your own trip. As always, if you have any other suggestions
of fun things to do in and around Porto, feel free to share those with travellers in the
comments below. Wishing you happy travels and until next time!

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