10 Must Know JAPAN Travel Tips No One Talks about …like POLICE

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  • So if I book a hotel room for 1, but then I bring a girl in for the night I'll get yelled at by the lobby man and have to pay for a second room practically?

  • It’s been 5 nights in a row where I dreamt that my family and I moved to Japan. Aside from the culture of this country, I also admire its cuisine as I wish to pursue a culinary career. I really want to come here!

  • The drinking age in Sweden is a bit odd. You can't buy alcoholic beverages above 3,5% in regular stores, you have to buy them from "Systembolaget." Which is a government owned business that only sells alcoholic beverages. They have a monopoly on alcohol.
    In these stores you have to be 20 years old.
    But in regular bars and restaurants, the drinking age is 18.
    Please don't ask me why, it's as confusing to me as it is to you xD
    In countries like Denmark, however, the drinking age across the board is 16.

  • Watch out this dangerous country! Fukushima Radioactive contaminated country! And why they dont use credit card? They are saving cash for the next big earthquick. Be aware of these factors when u visit Japan. No 2020 Olympic please!!!!

  • I was stopped by the police the instant i stepped out of the airport, they asked to see my passport…. perfectly fine, except my partner had taken it along with her to sort out travel arrangements from the airport. Tense couple of minutes followed as I tried to explain why I didn't have it and had no way of calling her to hurry back. Great start to the holiday.

  • My Wife and I are on Google Fi and we had fantastic coverage everywhere in Japan, except way out in the countryside where no one gets coverage. We only used data, so extra charge. As soon as wheels hit the tarmac in Haneda Airport, I pulled out my phone, and it had picked up that I was in other country and started automatically reconfiguring. Before we reached the gate, I already had service.

  • I was hanging out with my Japanese friend in Tokyo and we were having a walk in Odaiba. I followed your advice and stood near the roadside and started eating sandwich and he was like why are u standing like that? are u tired??…….me: well its considered rude to eat while walking right?………… him: uh really?? i hv never heard about this………… me: well it is, i watched it in a youtube video………him: uh maybe. prolly only older ppl pay attention to this, we youngsters dont care!……… and we gobbled up 5 sandwiches on our way to tokyo teleport station

  • "it is what it is" WHAT IS IT??? What in the hell does this phrase even mean? Why do people say this? WHAT ARE YOU TRYING TO SAY!?

  • I like Japan in itself, not its locals. I met on the internet several arrrogants Japanese who wasted my time . among them, a girl named miyamura, she claimed that I was a cool person and that Indonesian people are too, but she was a liar. she advised me to go to her country but I learned nothing of good , between exorbitant prices, fukushima radiation, and the general lack of openness that the Japanese have with the outside world. I wanted answers from someone else, but this little idiot got mixed up. it is because of her that I hate the Japanese. No comparison with other people around the world please.

  • You have to be 20 to drink in Japan? In my country you're allowed to drink at the age of 16 although with some limitations and are allowed to drink anything at the age of 18

  • 1Credit Cards a fast easy way to go into debt.
    2. Some people make fun of people who complain. Don’t respect their boundaries. Usually leads to more harassment that some people find funny.
    3. Have pay then leave where i live, but the technology is too advanced for the computers employees use for their job.
    4.do they have a way to rid clothes of cigarette smoke smell?
    I have worked with people, in a restaurant kitchen, who smoke and when they came back in there was a waft of cigarette smoke smell. No protection from second hand smell.
    5. When wearing glasses and a face mask how does one prevent their glasses from fogging up? I use to wear glasses and when I wore a face mask I had to remove my glasses or adjust the mask to prevent fogging up my glasses. I also can’t breath well through my nose or mouth which made wearing the mask even less pleasant. If u sneeze or cough in the mask even worse. By face mask I mean the blue Hospital mask with the metal strip on the nose or the ones used when painting a room, or the flimsy thin blue hospital mask.

    To ever made the plastic Halloween masks with no air holes and eyes u can barley see out of. How was that a good idea?

  • Only made it a few minutes into the video, but from what I've been told, you can look like you're 8 years old and still be allowed to buy alcohol. The moral is just that "oh, they know they're underage, so of course they're not going to drink it" and they assume they're getting it for their parents or something.

  • Japan is obviously more mature, if they don't feel the need to interrogate people buying alcohol. From what I've heard, they are quite sensible with their drink. Jamaica does not have a drinking culture. You can go to a night club and the bar is empty all night. Jamaica is the extreme end of the spectrum…. or it was in 2005

  • When I was a kid every that sold soft drinks sold this 2% beer as well and we used to buy a few cans when we were probably ten or eleven, of course being light beer it didn't really get you drunk but 2 cans for a kid usually gave a bit of a glow …it's banned now…I spose to many kids were going to school with a light beer or 2. Drinking here is 18 and no tipping I think tipping is the most ridiculous insulting thing about the states…PAY a living wage and CHARGE the right price. It's Ridiculous.

  • How much does it cost: YOU to live there; can foreigners get visas easily, any idea how much? How much is a 2 bed apt? If l buy one can l get a visa more easily?🤔

  • 그냥할래요 says:

    I was once a foreigner in US and I was stopped by police for no reason and asked to show my ID to him, which made me think the US authority doesnt respect enough freedom and right of its people. And this vid made me skeptical of Japan too

  • its a 2 to 5% charge for every transcation for the retailer when they accept credit cards and also a fee for having the service in their stores so thats why they dont use have it. in my country we have eftpos cards which basically have no fees 99.9% of stores use this the rest accept cash. what about wii pay ?

  • Because Japan isnt trying to get masses to have electronic money. Electronic money is a trap for government to control us more

  • Crystal Kanashii says:

    Part 1: "We need a special area on trains to keep women from getting groped.
    Part 2: "I feel safer living in Japan than any other country."

  • Michael Stewart says:

    What should i do if there is a Godzilla attack while I am in Tokyo? What should i do if the Mongolians decide to invade? Is it legal for my wife or GF to carry a Naginata with her?

  • Rey Oleo Vlogs says:

    interesting Travel Tips.. watching here in Saudi Arabia.. Arab adds ang lumalabas. Pag diyan siguro sa Japan ang nanood Japanese adds din cguro. Please pabisita din sa akin. Thank You so much.

  • I visit Japan 2~3 times a year but it was still fun watching this vid.
    (coz it's about Japan, so of course ✌️😁)

    Looking forward to watching more of your vids for insider info. Always on the lookout for hidden foodie gems.

    Extra tip: obey traffic lights. Even if there are no cars coming for miles, don't cross the road until the pedestrian light turns green. If a policeman sees you jaywalking, he may make you cross over and over again as "training"

  • SidewaysBurnouts says:

    i was falling down drunk and ordered just a coke to drink with whisky i had in my bag (i love japanese whisky) and i fell asleep, when i woke up they had pulled over 2 more tables and tried to charge me for every dish on menu, i woke up all pissed off and refused to pay and prepared for a brawl these "yakuza" flagged down a cop when they saw i had dragged a stool into street and was gonna knock out any body who touched me. police told my wife if i didnt pay i would be deported.

  • …LOL….at the end of this video…..finally understood your t-shirt….!!!…
    …kept thinking it was a thumb…not a toe….
    …silly fun slogan…
    …thank you for all the informative videos…

  • Found it weird you were amazed by 20 as drinking age thinking it's low when it's actually high… especially sitting at the "ØL Beer Bar" that serves Norwegian beer from Oslo. For the record the drinking age is 18 in Norway for beerwine and liquors up to 22% ABV, and 20 for everything over like vodkawhiskey etc. and we some of the strictest alcohol laws in the world.

  • I am just curious to know whether you are aware of how the illustrations on your merch would be regarded as being in poor taste by those who have heard commonplace racial jokes of the past?

  • "So surprise you can drink at 20 years"
    laughs in german (The legal drinking age here is 16 for drinks with low alcohol percentage and 18 for everything else)

  • You make Japanese sound like hahahaa overly sensitive scared insecure defensive petty buttsore losers.  Which has been my experience too with them, but what you must do is be like … Yo, listen, where I'm from we are not sensitive little sissies so go f yourself – I am not Japanese and I don't want to be one?  LOL.  Unless you really want to be Japanese then up to you.

  • OMG pigs are all the same.  Treat them like shit.  From the start.  WTF you want pig?  You got a warrant?  What's your probable cause?  Why are you harassing me?  Get lost before I make big problems for you.  You want international incident?  My ID?  My passport?  F u.  You gonna get physical with me?  I did nothing wrong so f off.  It's illegal to search you so get lost, pig.  Know the laws, know your rights, and tell them you gonna call a lawyer and embassy if they don't f off immediately.  You don't need to respect their culture. LOL.  They need to respect YOU.  Teach them the right way.  Sometimes I give them 30 minute lectures on international standards, law and right.  It's fun.  In the end, they always what? F off.  Cause they know they just bothered the wrong guy.  Remember, you are human being, you have rights protected by International Law, anywhere you go, and they will be in deep sheeeet if they violate your rights.  Tell them they are animals and their country is backwards and how it's time to start living according to international standards.  It's fun too.  Watching them all bent out of shape how their badge don't mean no nothing to you.  They are pathetic.  Tell them to go catch real criminals instead of bothering tourists.  Call them some names.  And don't back off, but be reasonable.  That way you can later, if need be, show that you were being what?  Reasonable and the were being what?  Unreasonable.  Many times they apologized to me, on the spot or later.  Cause I am know I am right and they are wrong.  Make them see the light and tell them not to do it again.  Only one you have to worry about in Japan is a ninja, cause they will just kill you.  So learn some martial arts.

  • In Denmark you can buy alcohol up to 16,5 % if you're 16 years old and everything above that if you're 18. I don't see 20 years as a problem 🙂

  • I lived in Fukuoka prefecture and was never stopped by the police, but I know our company warned us about that and told us to always have our passport/work visa with us.

  • Police… Avoid carrying any knives at all. A small Swiss Army deep in your backpack, maybe no big deal, but at the same time it will at least prompt a couple of questions.

  • Does anyone else think it’s curious that In japan you are expected to wear a sick mask when you are sick so you don’t get others sick. But you CAN smoke in a building full of people that don’t want to deal with second hand smoke. I don’t get it. Are they considerate of others or not? 😂

  • The Japanese will be more easily offended if it is a foreigner doing these things. They are looking for something to bitch about when it comes to the hated gaijin. I say, save your money and spend it in a country that is not so racist.

  • What percentage of ppl in these areas speak English. Is there a vid on tht and is learning Japanese a true struggle I always wanted to learn, I love japans good energy .

  • My mom kept asking me if we need to get more yen n i was like thats enough already, we can always use the cc if we dont have enough cash…
    Dang bro 😂😂😂
    Will need to check on that cash again now

  • Adonis Fernández says:

    At the end of the video he was a little tipsy. Hey, just because you were showing us how easy is to buy alcohol it doesn't mean you have to drink it.

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