(MUSIC) hello everyone oh f**k the bin’s moving. Right, hello
everyone and welcome back, I look like a drowned rat which can only mean one
thing this is a video from Asia or more specifically Hong Kong I’m in Mong Kok
at the moment it’s a very rainy Friday afternoon and today is day 998 for long
term viewers you’ll know that the Tao of David is about the journey of David
and I’m very close to the end ok it’s not really the end but 1000 days is
coming up right in two days and I’m in Hong Kong for literally one more day
before I head to Bali for my summer break today I’m very much in Paris mode
in Paris I was completely relaxed I wasn’t too bothered about actually
having a structured video I’m just gonna see what happens today and explore a bit more of
Hong Kong once again I was here about two and a half years ago I was so sick
when I was here the last time so there are some things but I didn’t get to do
that time which I’m gonna do in this video first off behind some food so in
the spirit of just seeing how things go next to my tripod sorry, bin, I just saw
this sign for some Indian/Pakistani food when I was in Malaysia
Kuala lumper the food the Indian food was spectacular so I’m hoping this will
be similar so we got naan bread roti biryani aloo Gobi bhindi masala tandoori
chicken butter chicken all good in my book there’s also food down here so we’ve also got
Japanese shabu shabu Japanese beef another one of my favorites. It’s called
Miss India slide door okay as always I’m skint so I’m
just gonna be a basic bitch let’s keep it in front so the food is here
I have jeera rice with I think it’s cumin in it I can’t remember was it
cumin I don’t know what am i a food YouTuber all of a sudden no I’m not and also a
bit of a flashback to Kuala lumper I had the best cheese naan in kuala lumper i
have one of my favorites keema naan absolutely beautiful filled with meat
so in the style of me i hope you have come to know in love, awful lighting and
knowing nothing about food rice, beautiful, cumin, quite stickyand the spices are good
proper Indian rice, let’s have a look at teh keema naan you know what I’m a little bit disappointed normally when I have keema naan it’s full of meat but there’s not much in there you know? I gotta put it down how do these food Youtubers do it? Mmm, spicy memories of you know proper Indian food
in the UK nice, could have more meat though okay I
just had to take a moment to recover because whenever I have Indian food I
could literally sleep forever it’s that good absolutely ultimate as you can see, keema naan gone, plate empty good job David let’s get going everyone’s looking
at me as they walk past amazing how I’m still not used to that after three years
and almost a thousand days hey if you’re new to Asia so countries like Malaysia
Thailand Hong Kong where else Singapore as well the best places to come food are
these like local places that are in these markets or just like on the side
of these markets cheap of well not cheap I don’t like using that word affordable
and absolutely gorgeous (MUSIC) okay this is a new angle
I’m on top of a bus now now I’m walking down Nathan Road which goes to my past
Mong Kok all the way down to TST tsim-sha-tsui and if you are on a budget
coming to Hong Kong you might think I’ll it’s too expensive to go to Hong Kong
actually it is possible you know I’ve been here twice in the budget both times
I’ve stayed in a hostel there are hostels down here and more affordable
airBnBs I’m talking like 25 to 30 US dollars and now I know that’s expensive
in comparison like Cambodia or Vietnam or something but that’s life but that’s
probably the cheapest you’ll find, there is somewhere right down the end grexit
which I stayed a long time Chungking mansions any Hongkonger will be able to
tell you about it’s got a bit of a reputation I was on the 16th floor
yeah just watch out around that area there’s a lot of immigrants around there
selling things drug dealers things like that so just
watch out if you do choose to stay down here okay I’ve just ranted about this on
Instagram I am so triggered right now hashtag
triggered there’s a guy over there the one that’s now packing up his things i’ll tell you why in a moment beg Packers I didn’t know this was a
thing well I did but I’ve never seen it in your life is sitting there with like
selling typical backpacker wristbands you know sitting on a seat
with little signs saying ‘world tour support my tour’ no I tell you what get a
job if you can’t afford to travel you don’t travel and there’s people walking
past and all credit to the Hongkongers down Nathan Road because they’re walking
past they look at him they roll their eyes you know they don’t even entertain
it and the guy that was just there I think I don’t think it’s a policeman
like security guard or something he was basically telling him to move so I think
he is now moving sorry mate that’s life about to be covert about
this and apologies for getting angry but you know this goes right back to the
beginning when I was a backpacker if you just don’t do that sort of thing you
know I’ve seen adverts about people in like Thailand and countries that are
less economically well-off doing that absolutely disrespectful and cheeky I
cannot believe it so good on that guy there for telling this guy to move on so
angry you could argue that Hong Kong is a rich
country rich city whatever but it’s the principle of the thing you know I would
not go to Tepito in Mexico City and beg on the street for people to fund my
trip it’s absolutely so disrespectful I can’t believe, oh my God and you know
would I go to some like Singapore and do it you know you think you understand why
they do it because it’s a rich place that people have money but people will
not give you money so if you’re thinking of doing that delete that from your mind
straight away right that’s it I’m gonna stop ranting it’s time to move on. Bloody hell
it’s grim today isn’t it the weather is shit and I am back in the area around
Chungking mansions which is there OMG yeah I used to go up there all the time
and the thing they have to look out for in this area you’ve probably seen some
as I’ve been walking and there’s some right in front of me there’s a guy just
tried to stop me then a lot of South Asian guys here yeah trying to sell things, sell
you drugs fake watches and all sorts of other shit and there is some right
there saying swarming my hostel was up there sixteenth floor but I were down the end of Nathan Road
now and I’m pretty sure the last time I was here that building wasn’t there
well maybe it’s that building that was now I have to watch my old videos I
remember there being right construction work here about two years ago so
obviously there’s a lot of construction going on in Hong Kong at all times and
the award for the crappiest lighting on the planet goes to me this is normally
an absolutely spectacular view but obviously it can’t always be perfect I’m
gonna play with the brightness and everything what I did this
oh look helicopter in the distance this is gonna be really fun editing this cuz
I can’t see anything right now hope you can okay the thing I wanted to do in
this video I didn’t do the last armors go up Victoria Peak overlooking the city
but I can probably tell from the low cloud on the peak
there’s no point any excuse for no physical activity right so I’m gonna
pick up with you later once it’s dark so I could show you a bit of Hong Kong
annoying and I think Victoria Peak will be good for the 1000 day video celebration, or whatever… okay despite the string thingy in the way
I’ve jumped on the Star Ferry back to Wan Chai. It costs $2.20HKD I’m not sure if it’s cheaper to use an Octopus I can’t remember because I didn’t get one this time but yeah we’re on the ferry, boom! (MUSIC) Hong Kong downtown central skyscrapers
galore ferris wheel ridiculously tall building there got this lighting that’s
what it looks like when it’s blue skies yeah you can also check out my old
videos the whole playlist is in the description
by the way they are absolutely awful because it was like two months after
sighted YouTube so I don’t clue what was doing I still don’t really but you know
so I’m going to go home have a shower I’ll pick up with you after dark okay I’m just on a bridge watching a
lightning storm in Hong Kong on a Friday night epic I’m loving like cityscapes a
night Singapore is also similar with all the lights and the tall buildings
everything yeah lining wicked and I’ve had a good day today as always you know
when I’m relaxed and just taken how it comes it was good to go back to some old
places again as well as Mong Kok I never been there before we’re gonna try and go
up Victoria Peak in the next video like I said but if not if the weather is bad I
do have another option up my sleeve we’ll see what happens thanks for
watching don’t forget to Like comment and subscribe and all that malarkey and
I will see you next time, catch you later

17 thoughts on “🇭🇰 HONG KONG & Tsim Sha Tsui’s BEGPACKERS – The INSIDIOUS Side of TRAVEL”

  • Hi everyone! I hope you enjoyed another trip around Hong Kong! (if you were subscribed 2.5 years ago that is!) What do you think of begpackers? Is it ok to beg for money tro travel? Let me know below! Next up is a huge talking video as I reach 1000 days of travel, get ready for some secrets, emotion and answers to some questions many of you have been asking for a LONG time. It's the most honest and personal video I've done!

  • Whoa, I never heard of begpackers before but I haven't traveled extensively like you have. That is just disgusting. Leave the begging to the poor who live there. He's basically stealing from them. Anywayz, the Indian food looked very good. Nice video pal.

  • Wow! It's been 30 years since I've been to HK and other than new construction it looks the same as I remember. I share your ire over begpackers. It's disgusting.

  • I have never been to HK but you really made me feel the pace of a hectic big city, the modern/traditional vibe there and the unpredictable weather jaja. PS: the begpacker is an entitled idiot, he could be selling something he made without asking for help (insert eyes rolling here).

  • seems like trees are not a priority in HK..the skyline is awesome but need some green between those building. street level looks kind of depressing

  • Where is Godzilla when you need it ah? Hong Kong is amazing city, kind of like you looking at New York. Anyway good to see ya bud and congrats!

  • another great video my son went to bishkek market recently were you had been it was great to connect where he was ,not just for travellers but also mums and dads ,thank you david .

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