🇬🇷Rhodes Travel Guide 🇬🇷| Holiday Extras

🇬🇷Rhodes Travel Guide 🇬🇷| Holiday Extras

Welcome to Rhodes! Known as ‘Ro-dos’ by the locals, it’s
the 4th largest Greek island in the Aegean Sea and the largest of the Dodecanese islands. Rhodes has a long and enchanting history,
and today prides itself on having one of the best preserved medieval settlements in the
world, as well as a healthy amount of beach resorts that make it a mecca for sun seekers. The north of the island is home to its jewel,
the old town, while the south is best known for its natural beauty. On a drive across Rhodes you’ll see everything
from valleys to beaches, picturesque villages and, probably, loads of goats! And with 300 days of sunshine a year, it’s
no surprise that over 2 million people visit annually. So with that kind of popularity we had to
come here and see what all the fuss was about. We’ve been exploring the island to help
you make the most out of your trip. Coming up we’ve got tips on food, money,
getting around and language. But let’s start with our favourite things
to do here on the island. Spending a day in Rhodes old town will feel
like you’ve jumped into a time machine and gone back to medieval times. It’s the oldest inhabited medieval town
in Europe and you can easily spend a couple of hours here wandering around and getting
lost amongst the windy cobbled streets. (It says we’re here) Navigation can be difficult, so I’d recommend
downloading Google Maps before you go (Love Google Maps) to make sure you find the famous
Street of the Knights, which runs from the Hospital of the Knights up to the Palace of
the Grand Masters, a famous castle that stands tall and proud at the highest point of town. Having a local expert talk you through everything
you’re looking at is so worth it. I booked a walking tour with Rhodes Private
Tours and was shown around the old town and the port. Our tour guide Dimitri was so passionate about
the island, it was fascinating to hear all his insider’s knowledge… The level is a bit higher than the level of
the sea, so the intention was not to put water in, the intention was to create distance from
one wall to the other. So the Turks, all was built to defend the
city from the attacks of the Turkish, it was the new military power of the 15th century. Then they had to go down across this mote
and cover, go up then behind is another moat, then again up, it was impossible to be invaded,
the place. So no visit to Rodos would be complete without
a trip to the beach. There’s a bunch of beaches here and we’ve
come to check out Elle beach, which is quite popular with tourists. There’s a load of hotels, bars, restaurants
here. It’s a pebbly beach, but what’s quite
cool about it is that there’s a diving platform right in the middle of the sea that you’ve
got to swim out to. In 2017 Greece ranked second in the world
for the quality of its beaches on the Blue Flag scheme and there are plenty to choose
from. But, named after the famous actor, my favourite
beach on the island has to be Anthony Quinn Bay. With its crystal clear, emerald waters and
lush green vegetation, it’s totally my kind of paradise. The valley is named after the thousands of
butterflies which set up camp here in the summer, enticed by the vanilla scented Oriental
Sweetgum trees. It’s one of the island’s beauty spots,
with it’s green canopy, streams, ponds and waterfalls, making for a serene alternative
to a day at the beach. It’s tourist friendly with a café and a
shop, and all the paths and bridges are constructed harmoniously within their environment, so
I’d suggest wearing comfortable shoes. Lindos is a picturesque, ancient village nestled
at the foot of a steep rock, and is surrounded by gorgeous coastline. It’s a great place to wander around the
souvenir filled, chochlaki pebbled streets or stop for lunch at one of the roof top restaurants. Proudly overlooking the village stands a centuries-old
acropolis, home to the famous temple of Athena. We spotted some kayaks by the beach, so obviously,
we had to go do it! So we’re currently in the middle of the
sea, having a little kayak session and it’s lovely, the water is so crystal clear, it’s
beautiful. It’s also a great way to see the island
from a different perspective. We rented from Lindos beach but there are
plenty of water sport companies all around the island so finding a place to rent one
won’t be hard. So one of the reasons I was so excited about
coming to the Greek Islands was for the food! And if you’re here you’re gonna wanna
find a local taverna serving traditional Greek meze dishes, and we have done just that! We’re here in Elle beach and it’s quite
touristy, so to make sure that you find a traditional Greek restaurant, just have a
little look inside and if there are locals eating there you’re probably onto a good
thing! So we’ve ordered some Greek Salad with Tzatziki,
fried courgette balls, fried potatoes – which are kind of like chips but they’re fried
in olive oil which just makes them that much better! And this is filo pastry stuffed with feta
cheese, drenched in honey… The Greeks are renowned for their mouthwatering,
slow cooked and grilled meats – but it’s also a paradise for vegetarians too. Everything we had was so fresh and colourful. And if you’re looking for something a bit
naughty… (Donuts!) Greek bakeries are amazing… and so worth
getting up early for! So an essential greek food that you don’t
want to miss out on is Gyros! It is everything you could ever want in a
meal. You’ve got pitta, you’ve got chips, you’ve
got veg, I’ve got Halloumi. You can get all sorts of meats, and I can’t
wait to get stuck in. So yeah. Planning to eat both of these. Thanks! No I need to do this! Spanakotipa? English is widely spoken across the island,
(Spanakopita?) but there’s no reason not to learn a bit of lingo before you go. (Skanapotika? Dýo spanakopita!) Plus the locals really appreciate tourists
making the effort. So we asked Dimitri to teach us a few key
phrases while we were with him. My Greek isn’t the best, so I need your help. Arriving you say Yasou. Yasou it means ‘hello’. How about ‘Please?’ Parakalo. It is kind to whatever you ask just say parakalo. ‘Thank you’ is more complicated. It is Efcharisto. I think the most important word in Greece
in my opinion is Kalimera. It means ‘good morning’. It’s a word that gives pleasure and costs
nothing. (Exactly!) And it opens up all doors. I mean it’s easy. (Yeah!) How do you say ‘Can I have the bill?’ Ton logariasmo, it’s complicated. ‘The bill please’, everybody understands it. So how do I ask for a gyros? Because we love gyros. Everybody does! And it’s easy. Ena gyro, parakalo. Kai Mira byra. (What does that mean?) And one beer! That’s what you need. And so what is cheers? (Yamas) So finally can you just tell us what’s your
favourite thing about living here on Rodos? For me this is the best place of Europe. I have lived in Paris, in Rome, in Barcelona,
in Athens, I’m Athenian. But here is the best place of Europe. It’s so small, so nice. It is safe. You leave your door open, and that’s the greatest
thing I think. (Okay) You just have to smile and feel the
sun. (and that’s all you need to do in life!) You don’t need any special thing. Hiring a car is the quickest way to get around
Rhodes, and the most fun, in fact you can hire one through Holiday Extras – check out
the link below! And here are some things to know before hiring
a car here in Rhodes.. To hire, you’ll need to be 21 or over with
a valid driving licence. In Greece you drive on the right, just remember
– right is right! At roundabouts… you’ve just gotta go for
it! In built-up areas the limit is 50 kilometres
an hour and on the two major highways it’s up to 80 kilometres an hour, but honestly,
take the roads carefully, because you never know what “traffic” lies around the corner…! You can park for free in most areas of the
island apart from the more convenient spots near the Old Town and in Lindos which are
pay and display only. Next up? Let’s talk money. So the currency here is euros and although
tipping isn’t a necessity it’s always nice to show some appreciation for the amazing
food you might have eaten. But if you’re in the more tourist areas
then do check the bill first because they might have already added a 10% charge to it. So anyway, let’s take a look back at our
spending here in Rodos! This gyros cost €3
This frappe cost €2.50 This Kayak cost €15 euros to rent for an
hour. Travel insurance for three days with Holiday
Extras cost £15. Car hire, also with Holiday Extras, cost £90
for 3 days. For up to date exchange rates, visit xe.com
or download their app. And as our time in Rhodes comes to a close,
don’t forget to subscribe for loads more awesome travel guides. So what can I say about Rhodes? It’s been a blast! We’ve had an amazing time exploring this
island. The beaches are stunning, there’s a whole
lot of history in the Old Town and the food is something else! I can totally see why people come on holiday
here and I can’t wait to come back! Yamas!

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