Счастливого Пути. Фильм. StarMedia. Приключенческая Мелодрама

Счастливого Пути. Фильм. StarMedia. Приключенческая Мелодрама

So, dear friends, the end of the show is close. More and more people are leaving us. Today our lonely panther Tina Samokhina is leaving the Star Farm. Thank you! Product of the Prodvizhenie Production Center Anna Nazarova, Dmitrii Miller My dear friends, where are your applauses? It’s a pity! Tina, don’t cry! Meet her! Love her! Thank you for being with us! In Aleksandr Barshak’s film Bon Voyage See you at the Star Farm Show! Take this! Don’t touch me! Tina, put it down please. Aleksandr Pashutin I will do this in a minute. I beg you, it will only be for the worse. Oh really? Liudmila Artemieva It was you who asked me to move here. Let me help you, my darling. I will help you to pack your things. Oleg Akulin You are pretending to be a noble man for your dad’s money. I said go away from here. Take you things and go away. Dmitrii Kulichkov Leave me alone. You bitch get out of here! Get out of here or you are dead! I’ll kill you. Pavel Barshak, Igor Petrov I will rise. Everyone is going to love me. And you will be burstling with envy! I have had an abortion because of you! This was you who made me have an abortion. Wasn’t that you? You said that show business and children are incompatible things! You bitch! You… Stop it! Bitch! Help! You bitch! Sergei, get up! Sergei, get up! You told me that you must come in time. Okay. Don’t get hard on my client. He’s already getting up. Fine. There’s such a mess in your room! Give me my things! Here you are! Return the necklace. Don’t even think of it! Give me my ticket! Here is your ticket. A round-trip ticket. Don’t dare! A round-trip ticket. These pieces are so tiny! Hurry up or you will be late for your train, stupid girl. Jerk. Here are your sandwiches. Thank you. Here is your coffee, milk… oh… coffee. Here you are. Klara recommended me to buy this coffee. It’s nice, isn’t it? How much milk? Much. Okay. Oh my god, the eggs. Here are the eggs. Mom! Could you make less noise? I need to concentrate. I have an important trial today. I’m sorry. I didn’t expect that you will react so negatively to my care. Could you stop lecturing on the day when my career is at stake? Your father kept saying that decency is more important than any career. So it is not decent of me to ask you not to disturb me, yeah? Okay, okay. Hello! Can I order taxi to Kutuzovskii Avenue? To the railway station. Send it as soon as possible. Put down the address. Sergei, you have forgotten to take your sandwiches. Mom, don’t. It’s a long way to Yaroslavl. Bye, mom! You should better learn the map before driving your clients over the circuit. Move forward please. I can’t go out. There’s a puddle. Farther, farther. Mademoiselle, can’t you see the puddle? Mademoiselle, there are puddles everywhere. Okay. Stay here. Keep the change. Thank you. You are welcome. Farewell. Jerk! Igor, I have an emergency again. Help me please. Again? Yeah. Come quickly. Don’t worry. I’m already in the train. I’ll be there in four hours. I will pay to you! I can’t take you without a ticket. We have inspections all the time. I’ll get into hot water if I take you. I’m not going by train for the first time in my life. You earn money from passengers on the side. I can’t take you. If I could I would allow you to enter the train. Come in please. You have the 15th place. Where are you going? Yeah, see you. Oh, hi! Excuse me, do you have the lower berth? Yeah, so what? You see I’m afraid of upper berths. This fright is irrational. I have neorealistic dreams when I sleep there. Would you please let me have your berth? I need a table for my work. Besides, your request is inproper. Why don’t you order from the beginning berths that are comfortable for you? This is logical in my opinion. Yes, of course. Excuse me. Don’t you recognize me? I’m on TV all over the country. My fans are waiting for me in Yaroslavl. Can’t you resolve this question quickly? If you are so popular, why are you trying to save money on a ticket? You’d better go by plane. Don’t count my money! I have my reasons to come here. I won’t take you. You may go to the train manager. Okay, call the manager. Pax vobis. Thank you. Come in. Are you orthodox believers? Yes, of course. Are you married? Oh no, this young man is not my husband. This is a sin. You must marry each other. No, we don’t know each other. We have just met each other for the first time in this train. So, you are going by this train too? I don’t understand any reasons for your curiosity. What’s happened? I’m on my place. The girl is on her place. Are going in the same carriage? Yes, my brothers and I are going in the same compartment, with God’s help. You have have come to the wrong compartment. Wait please! Could you help these gentlemen find their places? Let me see your tickets? Everything’s okay. Thank you, Lord. There is a mistake. Let me see your ticket, mademoiselle. Of course. This is a train to Arkhangelsk. You should leave until it’s too late. No, you should leave the train until it’s too late. There is the train to Arkhangelsk. It’s already leaving. Step aside! I’m sorry! Fuck! Could you be more careful? Why have you been standing here then? Are you mad? You should use your eyes from time to time! Stop! Stop! You had it coming. Taxi! How much does it cost to go to Yaroslavl? 6,000 rubles. I have 3,325 rubles. No, mademoiselle, this is enough only for that car. It will take two times longer to get there. I see. And you will get sick in each traffic jam. Good morning. I need to get to Yaroslavl the sooner the better. Is there any kind of feast there? What do you mean? Get in the car. Wait. Tell me at first, how much does it cost? How much time will it take? We will be there at 2:30 p.m. at maximum. Is it okay? It’s okay. How much will it cost? You’ll pay according to the taximeter. My car is fast, it has a conditioner. How much? 6,000 rubles. No, it’s too much. This is a real price. Wait! Look we can make a deal for half a price. Wait for two seconds here. Yes, I’m in control of everything. I’m already in the train. You will go together with this mademoiselle. You’ll pay 3,000 rubles each. Is it okay? It’s okay. Let’s go quickly. Okay. Give me your bag. These are personal things. There’s no place for a suit inside of your comfortable car. We will hang it in a minute. No, I’ll put it over the other things in the trunk. Whatever you wish. You find this okay, yeah? At first he knocked me down on the railway platform… Mademoiselle, get in the car please. Make yourself comfortable. Let’s go! Everything’s okay. Mademoiselle, would you wipe the rear window? I can’t see the road. Thank you. And would you please wipe the side window? Are you teasing me? Please do this. Hello! Do you mind my smoking? No. Hello! Hello! Turn down the volume! Hello! Can you hear me now? Yes, at 5 p.m. as we agreed. Tell Maksim please… Hello! Fuck. No, please, don’t run down! What a day! Oh my god! Don’t smoke here. I hate smoke. Do you hear me? I can’t breathe! You are disturbing me all way long. What’s going on? Will you finally calm down? Fine. Close the window! Don’t smoke here. You don’t have any common sense or what? I have no desire to smell your smoke. This is called damage to property. Are you ready to reimburse it? I can’t understand. Am I looking improper? Have you ever watched the TV? Should I change anything in my appearance? Mademoiselle, don’t be offended. I never watch the TV. They show so much rubbish. Besides, I have no time. I must work. Where are you going? Oh, I’m going to Yaroslavl to a concert. This is your work, yeah? Yeah. This is show business. I will tell you a story from show business. Mademoiselle, would you exchange places with me to be closer to people, like a real star? Wouldn’t it be improper to go to Yaroslavl with this kind of hairdo? Yeah, everything’s okay. Are you okay? Everything’s fine. Here is the money. Is everybody crazy all around? Where is my phone? Fuck! How will I get out of here? Hi! Stop! What about me? Can I use the mirror? You are lucky. I will drive you 94 kilometers toYaroslavl. You will find the way there for sure. What was such a young and respectful man like you doing on the side of the road? This is a surprise for me as well. I’m a lawyer. Wow! I knew it! Lawyers are a specific kind of people. They eradiate some sort of confidence. Do you agree? Do you work in a company? Yes, we have a law firm. Now I’m trying to get to the trial to Yaroslavl. And all the time I face various force-majeurs on my way. My trip was delayed and I had to take a company car. Now my driver is having problems with the engine. You know what I tell you? All your misadventures have come to end with my appearance. Yeah, hopefully. By the way, give me your contact details. I might need a good lawyer soon. Oh, you resemble my first husband so much. Such things never happen. Stop the car. What’s happened? I need to return. I’m sorry. Jerk. Open up! Oh my god! Are you okay? Thanks god! Open the boot then please. Wait, mademoiselle. Oh, my head…. Mister, look, I’m late for the concert because of you. Help me to open the trunk. I’m late for the concert in Yaroslavl. Do you understand? Go to your concert, girl! What are you doing there? Here is my bag. Hold on, man! Here it is. Is this clerk with you? What? Is he with you? No, no, no! Will you give me a lift to Yaroslavl? Will we take the girl, Stepanovich? No. Get in. If you bring me to the place of my destination, I’ll pay 1,500 rubles. No, we don’t need money. Thank you. Look, I need to go to Yaroslavl very much. I would be very grateful to you. Will we take the clerk with us? No! The beauty doesn’t want you. Sorry. Fuck you! Agnessa, here is a company for you. Cool! Why is it jolting so much? Are we going along the road? It will stop jolting soon. Why have we stopped? We have come, Agnessa. This is a miracle! We’ve finally come to the place of our destination! What’s happened? Look there! Not really! Put this to music. I can’t. I have no notes. Guys, you must have probably misunderstood me. I need to Yaroslavl. Let’s get into the car and go! Look! He’s sleeping for quite a long. You must be joking! He can’t be sleeping when driving, can he? Get up! Guys! Does anybody hear me? Don’t worry! You will get there in a good condition. What? Is he asleep? Have you been sleeping all way long? Crazy people. They were going with a sleeping driver. Jerks! Fuck you! What are you doing? Are you mad? Where are you going? To Yaroslavl. Yaroslavl? I’m going right there. Excellent! She’s going to Yaroslavl. She must be your neighbor. I’ve got to an accident because of this very girl. Really? Why is she here then? I don’t even want to know this. But I don’t recommend you to take her. You’ll have problems for sure. How much does he pay? I pay 1,000 rubles and we kick him out and go to Yaroslavl. Have you heard? She’s a serious girl. She’s paying 1,000. Don’t even listen to her. It will get more expensive for you. No, you won’t find 1,000 rubles on the road. What can she do? I have been driving for 20 years. Okay. I’ll pay 1,500 and we go. 2,000 and he leaves the car. This is nonsense. What do you want? Okay. 2,500, we stop this talk and go. I’m sorry. 4,000. Have you managed to earn money on your way? Good girl. Do you hate him so much that you are ready to pay 4,000 rubles? She doesn’t have 4,000. She has 3,325 rubles… To make the story shorter: both of you will pay 3,000. I will give a lift to both of you. Otherwise you both will sit on the sidewalk. What? Are you crazy? Good bye. Wait. You are both in a hurry. Try to find anyone who goes to Yaroslavl. And I am going right there. Time is money. I won’t go with her in one car. Wait! Okay, walk then. Farewell! You better pay now. You don’t have 4,000. You are a shady dealer. Thank you. What is it? Calm down. Hi! Here you are. Where are the consignment note and the waybill? Here you are. Where are you going? To Yaroslavl. From where? From Moscow. What are you carrying? Nothing. The van is empty. What does he need? Adults will come to agreement without your interference. I’m not talking to you. Sit calmly. You sit calmly. Do you know who I am? You are all creeps. Where are you going? I see. What is it? A seal. Hello! Hi! What is going on here? Who are you? I have picked her up. Wait a second. I’m Tina Samokhina. I’m going to my concert to Yaroslavl. Can you do everything quicklier? I’m in a hurry. Idiot. I’ll check everything and you will go. Why are you so nervous? I don’t know. You may be carrying some drugs. What? I know your stories. I know my rights as well, philistine. Aren’t you a philistine? Look, I perform on responsible channels. Has he picked up a junky prostitute? What? I’m not a prostitute! I don’t know her. I’ve just given her a lift. So you don’t understand with whom you are talking now, yeah? I don’t. What a pity. Try to understand. Who is there? Nobody. I’ve given a lift to both of them, but I don’t know anything about them. They may be a married couple. You may go. Thank you. You should have done this long ago. Thank you very much! And you will stay here. Why should I stay here? You don’t even have the right to demand my passport. We can’t. But patrol force can do so. Take away your hands! She’s a shady dealer. Good day, sir! Are you a celebrity too? No, I’m a lawyer. I’m going to the court. You have a strange company. Is this your woman? Stop! Why are you so stupid? I have left my court documentation and my suit there. Have you written down the number? We will sort everything out. Come back! Have you seen this? I’ve left my bag there. He has stolen my things. Call for good police now! Go to the sidewalk. Don’t worry, dear lawyers and celebrities. You will stay here until we identify you. You can breathe the fresh air. I won’t talk to you. And you will identify me in court, where you will pay for calling me prostitute. And you will be tried as well. Hello! What’s happenning here? Hello! I’ve stopped a truck driver, and this girl came out of it in hysterics. She says that she’s a TV star. I’m Tina Samokhina. And who is this? He’s from the same play. He says that he’s a lawyer. This is true. I’m a Yaroslavl juryman. I’ve left my papers in the truck. Can’t you hear me? Is it clear? Everything’s clear. Show your docucuments, please. Can I see your documents? Of course. Registration… Give me yours now. Here you are. What is her registration? Look, because of this misunderstanding… Calm down. Do you have any weapons, drugs or explosives? No, I’m a lawyer. Let’s go to the police station. We will check your identity there. Look, I have been robbed. And now you are going to take me to the police station, yeah? Once you have been robbed, you’ll make a statement, and we will punish the guilty, yeah? The quicklier we go, the sooner we part. Bye, guys! See you! Have you got any money? Sit still! Put your bag here! We will check it in the police station. Will we go through the forest? Let’s make the way shorter. I’m hungry. It will jolt for a while, but we will come quicklier. Are you in a hurry? We have a party. An escaped convict killed two guards. Everybody, go to the lakes! Guys, you are lucky. You are free. You should go four kilometers straight ahead and then you will come to the road. If you were rude to this convict, he would have hit you in the head without asking for documents. Leave the car. Farewell! Are you satisfied? Have you performed? A star. Who asked you to open your mouth? You should keep silence and listen. Keep silence and listen. And keep silence. Why am I talking to you? Four kilometers forwards. Go to the forest, Chingachguk! I hope the wolves like you, because people are sick of you! You can destroy even the wolves! Fuck it. Why are you following me all the time? Don’t flatter yourself, boy! Whom are you talking with, little stupid girl? Look at you! You are so tall, but you don’t resemble a man! A shouting mother’s boy. What the hell! Are you still a know-all boy? You are the reason of my standing here, in this damned forest! I have no suit, money or documents. Do you understand that I’m late for the trial? My career is falling to the ground! Do you understand that these are no jokes? Who cares about your career on this damned lawn! It’s because of you I’m standing on this damned lawn! A producer has granted a tiny chance to me. And I have missed it because of you! Leave me alone! Otherwise I won’t care whether you are a boy or a girl. You just try to touch me! I will! Of course, it is no problem for you to hit a girl. I see. But you were cringing like a performing donkey before the cops. Hello! We are here! Hello! We are in the forest! Your cow is here on the lawn! Is anybody here? Hello! There is a house over there! Have you come from the city? Our cow has led us here. What do you want? To remove the curse? To strengthen your family? No, we don’t need this. Tell me please the shortest way to the road to Yaroslavl? We need to Yaroslavl. You don’t need to road. You need to get to Borodeevka. This is 50 kilometers from here. Then you should ago along a single-track railway. Thank you. Is this a motorbike? This is a scooter of my late son-in-law. My daughter could not live with him. He tried to kill me. But he didn’t manage to do this, thanks God. He was found dead in the pool. Could you give us this scooter? No, I can only sell or exchange it. “Cool! I have some cosmetics here. It is very expensive; I don’t use any cheap one.” I have eye shadows, mascara… This will make 5,000 rubles. Are you joking? Who will use it? Your daughter, for example, for a disco make-up. My daughter’s boyfriends are all drunkards. Okay, I have a mobile phone. It is discharged, however. But it has 3 gigabytes of music. Are you crazy? Will you probably offer your passport to me? Take this watch. It’s very accurate. Who needs your watch in a village! Right? It has a lunar calendar, by the way. Is it gold? Yes, of the highest standard. I would give a piece of bread for it in a hungry year. What can you know about hungry years? I will exchange the scooter. Take this. Thank you. Would you set the time? Do you know what levers to press? Yes. Tell me how much will it cost to turn a man into a rat? There are different prices. A person eager to turn somebody into a rat is a rat himself. When will you calm down? This is an emergency light. These are headlights. Haven’t you ever seen a scooter, big boy? Would you start up the engine, know-all girl? Why are you standing there? Get on the scooter. Let’s go! Aren’t you tired of pawing me? I’m already sick of this. But I have no choice. I see! Stop pawing me! Hold in a normal way! I am holding in the way I can. Watch the road! I’m serious! Are you crazy? Stop wriggling! Stop! You stupid! You shouldn’t have pawed me! Where are you? You pervert! Are you okay, kamikazes? Mister, I must have broken my arm! He’s lying! Do you have any liquid ammonia and iodine? Come here! I will give you some liquid amonia and iodine! Why are you leaving your girlfriend in trouble? I hate you! She’s not my girlfriend! She’s mad. You have a bad boyfriend. I shouldn’t have involved with her. You extreme-lovers! Life doesn’t teach you anything. My house hasn’t been heated yet. But this can be helped. We’ll organize everything in a moment. You can lie down here. Good girl. Let’s make a thorough examination. Does it hurt here? No. And here? No. You should be more careful. The bone is intact. This is an ordinary displacement. When I served in landing forces, I once dislocated my foot. So I had to walk on 1.5 feet. I’ll bring some ice in a minute. What are you staring at? Render a moral help to the girl! She needs a help of a psychiater. Can I have some hydrogen peroxide and iodine? You will find it in the medicine chest in the corner. There’s a bandage as well. And you shouldn’t wrangle in my house. What are you staring at? Are there any other people in the house? Don’t move! Come in, quickly! Are there any other people in the house? Eh… I… I will shoot you in the stomach, bitch! An old man, a forest ranger, has brought me here. He went to the basement. He said that he would come in a minute. Is he alone here? Yes, probably… I’ll kill you now! Yes, yes! He said that he’s living alone. Take this, tie up the girl. Now! I’m sorry, how should I tie her? Behind her back. What are you dallying about, donkey? Hold her hands! Come here. Put your hands here. Now you’ll feel better. Don’t move! Who are you? A horse in a coat. Hands up! Take away the gun! Calm down. I’m calm. Put the pan down. Move ahead. The quieter you sit, the longer you live. I will kill the whole company once any of you moves. Maybe we’ll come to an agreement that would satisfy both sides? What are you mumbling? I can offer some money to you. It will defray your expenses. It will. I’ll spend a night here and continue my way. I may stay for a week. Do you have anything to eat? Oh, you have a plenty of food. Have you visited a grocery? Where’s the gun? Over there. Who’s decided to escape? Was that you? I see everything and I hear everything. Look, let them go. And I will show to you a place in the forest. There’s a lot of money. You’ll show when I tell you. Your grandson does not resemble you at all. He betrayed you. And he pretended that he did not know you. You are a rat. The grandfather will go under bullets for you. And you were ready to sell him for a bottle of beer. Doesn’t it work? Is it dead? Turn your face to me. Look I know you. You sing in a TV show the Start Farm, yeah? You sing like “I don’t care about you, I’m a lonely panther…” It’s cool. All people are lonely panthers. I can’t believe it. Come here. Sing something. I can’t sing. What’s happened? I can’t sing in such an atmosphere. Did you hear, grandfather? She doesn’t like you house. Do you want to offend us? You shouldn’t do so. Will you sing? I’ll hit him until you sing. What are you doing, bitch? Shut up! Sing now. Please, don’t touch me! Don’t move. Stop! Stop! What are you doing? Don’t come up to me. Swine! I don’t know whether he’s an escaped convict or not. Come here with your guys. I’m waiting. Wait. Son of a bitch! Give me your leg. Be patient. You’ll soon be right as rain. Here’s an ointment. He’s decorated you well. We have the right for a drink. You gave him a nice hit. To victory! Eat something. Look, guys, where were you hurrying? I’ve almost forgotten. Use this in the morning and before sleep. Everything will pass over like by magic. Forgive me. It’s okay. It happens. Go straight ahead. Okay. Farewell! Sasha! Son! Excuse me, would you tell us… I won’t excuse you! You’ve ruined the state, sons of a bitch. You’re eager to get, but not eager to give. You ask for love, but you can’t love. Would you tell us how to find Kuzmich? Valentin Pavlovich, the forest ranger, sent us. He’s a good man! I’ll show to you Kuzmich in a minute. Here I am. I’m a former sailor. I’m a foremost man of the socialistic labor, a respectful railroader, a father of three children, a grandfather of one grandson. Valentin Pavlovich asked us to leave his bicycle here. When the train comes? You’ve missed it. It came an hour ago. When will the next train come? Tomorrow. Be on guard! In what direction should we go? That way. Let’s go. Look, we haven’t met each other in a proper way. My name is Sergei. What’s your name? Tina? It’s an idiotic pseudonym. The organizers of the Star Farm invented it. My name is Svetlana. Nice to meet you. Nice to meet you. Hi! I had a cool pseudonym in my rock band in Irkutsk – Orchid. An orchid is fading in a marsh mud… I dislike this pop-music. My producer wants me to sing it. I write my own songs. I have been writing them since I was 15. I bring them to him. And he says, “Forget about it. They sing such songs in the underground.” He’s making a vamp-girl of me. He’s organizing a festival in Yaroslavl. He invited me to sing the song, which the organizers of the Start Farm TV show gave to me. He said he would promote me if the audience likes me. So, if I don’t get there today, this will be the end. Why are you going to Yaroslavl? Anything important? Or on a business trip? Yeah, I had to appear in court. They are going to choose the new head of the department. They will choose between me and another guy. If I don’t appear in court, I’ll remain a key specialist for the rest of my life. Does it hurt so much? Sit down, have some rest. There are problems about this case. It’s tricky. I’ve found out that a student of the same year as I is going to represent the claimant. We had an affair with her, can you imagine? Yes, you’re handsome. Thank you. I made an appointment with her. And I found out all her trump cards one by one. I said, “Let’s meet some day.” She said, “Yeah, you’ll call again in five years.” She did not suspect that we would meet in court face to face today. Yeah, this is wrong. I think so too. I overacted myself. Now I have a strange feeling. It is not proper for a court trial. He could really kill us. Let’s go. Wait. My leg can’t go. Look you go, I’ll stay here, have some rest and return. I can’t go on. Stop! What bullshit are you talking? Have some rest and we’ll go on with fresh strength. Can you hear the car? Let’s go! It would be stupid to leave everything. Hop on my back. There is a road. Can you stand? Hold on, I’ll be in a minute. Hello! Hi! Tell us please the way to the city? What city? Yaroslavl. There it is. 10 kilometers to the city center. Is this your car? Yes, it is. Can you give us a lift? It’s urgent. I’m sorry. I must work. I see. Hi! Hello! You are playing well. I’m playing as I can. You can study a bit and you’ll be cool. I have no time to study. My dad has some business. Do you want to go to a concert today? What do you mean? People will perform there, they will sing and dance. There will be gutarists among them. Are you selling tickets? No, I will bring you there for free. I’m a singer. Let’s go. I can’t. I must drive Dad home. And we have a full body of potatoes. I see. What’s your name? Ivan. Nice to meet you. I’m Sveta. So what? I’ll introduce you to different gutarists. You say that you’re a singer. But singers usually go by planes or special trains. Yes, it’s true. Our bus has broken down. My equipment, visagists are in the bus. We are going together with our lawyer. This is Ivan. This is Sergei. Hello. Nice to meet you. He’s a nice guy. Ivan, help us please. Wait a minute. Dad, this girl has broken her leg. I must help her. What can I do? Aunt Galia will help you. She’s drunk. I’ll cIean everything tomorrow on my own. I’ll do everything tomorrow. I promise. Help me. Can we go? Thank you! Thank you! Where are you going? We have to push the car. Get in the car! Thank you, Dad! Is this is Yaroslavl? I can’t believe it. We will give you a lift to the court. Then I’ll go to the concert. Will we manage to go to two places within 40 minutes? Stop! Stop! Wait here. Where are you going? Lady, what’s happened to you? I have a stomach ache. She’s pregnant. Carefully. Calm down. What’s happened? What’s your name? Can you go faster? Breathe, breathe! I breathe. Faster, faster! I’m going! Don’t shout. Do you know where there is the nearest hospital? I know where the maternity house is. Excellent! We’ll be there soon. We don’t give the hospital phones. Please! Maybe they have not started yet. I beg you! There is a pay phone in the outside. I just need to warn. Strange people! This is the end. Yeah. I congratulate you. You have a strong boy. Cool! 4 kilograms, 58 centimeters, 17:15. You can take the mother home in the end of the week. Bye! Bye! Good luck! Good luck! Mister, where are you going? Here is my passport. I’m the lawyer of the respondent. I’m in a hurry, that’s way I don’t see anything around me. The fourth floor, to the right. Thank you. Where’s the WC? The second door. Thank you. Sergei, what’s going on? I have been calling to you, but you were out of reach. Do you undertsand that they wanted to start the court session without you? This is for you. What’s happened to you? There’s blood on your face. Are you okay? No. Good afternoon. Where has he been? Here’s my passport. Where’s the admission, the warrant? Here are the copies of the documents. Here you are. Thank you. Take your passport. Yeah. The case # А-11547 on the suit of the shareholder of the Komplemento close corporation Take off the shoe covers! …against the chairman of the Komplemento close corporation where he seeks to nullify decision of the meeting of the corporation assembly comes under examination. Judge Antonina Zvereva is hearing the case. Are you familiar with the procedure? Yes. Will you challenge the judge? No. We don’t need just a simple bitch. We need a girl with a bullet in her head. I’ll come and look at everything. Bye! Where have you been? You’ve come too late. You’ve missed the soundcheck, you haven’t given the sound record. They’ve dismissed you from the show. Wait! I’m sorry. Everything’s going wrong today. But I’m 100 percent ready. I even have the sound record. I’m very thankful to you for the chance. Thanks God you’ve came, bloody hell! Should I jump around you? Should I clean your shoes? Don’t I have any more important business? I just… What? I can see you all through. Who are you? A polar star? Girls like you are dumped if I don’t sell them. Is it clear? Zhanna, I’ve found her. Yes, she has come. Include her number to the program. Control everything yourself. You won’t have another chance. Have you cleared the right entrance? People will stumble there. Do you need this? Excuse me. What? Zhanna… Yes, I’m Zhanna. I’m Sveta… Tina Samokhina. What do you need from me? I’m Tina Samokhina. Ah. Give it to me. What? The sound record. Come here. Here you are. What’s this? A sound record. This is a sound record. What’s happened to your face? Go wash it. Mask the bruise. Is it clear? You are performing in 30 minutes. Wait… Yes, everything’s ready. Of course. Will you pick out a tune if I sing? Now? Yes. I don’t know. I’ll try. What are you doing? It’s okay. Where are you going? Therefore we consider the demands of the claimants unreasonable. We ask the court to leave these demands unsatisfied. Is that all? Respondent? Yes, your honor. Does the claimant have anything to add? Yes, your honor. Meet the next star – lonely panther Tina Samokhina. Tina, you have the hall at your disposal. Would you switch off the music? Thank you. Wait a minute, okay? I’m very happy to see all of you here. I will sing a brand new song for you. I hope you’ll like it. And this nice young man will accompany me. His name is Ivan Trofimov. Come on. These young singers don’t know what they are singing about. What did you do in Yarolavl? A business trip? Yes. It must have been unsuccessful if you look so sad. Dear friends, your applauses to Tina. This was a grandiose concert. It was super. You were so handsome. I fell in love with you at once. Sveta, where have you found your guitarist? He’s cool. In the orchard. I mean it.he’s not my guitarist. He’s a talented musician. You may engage him. So, you are a free-flier. We need a guitarist. Wait. Where are you going? You’re involved with strange people, You sing a sort of bullshit and feel okay. Having such manners, you will leave show business and will be singing in restaurants instead. Yes. The song is nice. The audience liked it, can you imagine? We can sell it after some arranging. I forgive you for this time. But you should not repeat this, okay? We will make a personality of you. So what? What do you mean? Should I dance before you? Or should I clean your shoes? This is unnecessary. You think that you see people inside out, don’t you? Yes. You don’t see through them, you just look through them. That’s all. You think that this is you who lights stars in the sky. And the world will fall into darkness without you, yeah? I’ll disappoint you. There are plenty of inspiring personalities and good people in the world without you and your stupid dolls with bullets in their heads. What else do you have? Nice. Hello. Hi. What are you doing here? I haven’t taken your phone number. How was your court trial? Did you win? No. I see. Everything is strange today. But it’s good. I’m grateful to you. To me? For what? Because I’m a silly and whimsical doll, and because I can destroy even the wolves? I’ve spoiled everything for you. Yes. What’s this?

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  • Столько ярких красок и моментов уместить в один день…
    И оказывается не все бывает так ужасно, как порою кажется…

  • Wild Russians still the same, but film is good reality Cold War time attitude. I like it shows results of mixed Mongols and Commie cunts. Nothing changed in there no thank you from the police. Even Colombia more polite on communication skills. Maybe this is our destiny to be very rood and speak to anyone down. It will stay there for another 1000 Year. Very shame.

  • хороший фильм. Ты живешь и не знаешь, что с тобой может случиться завтра. Главное достойно выйти из любых ситуаций.

  • На 6.49. – с каких это пор в России руль справа?????!!!! Даааа, загадочка…. Хотя эпизод всё равно бессмысленный, пожалуй лучше вырезать.

  • Natalia Khomochkina says:

    Долго подбирала слова, но так и не смогла подобрать самые, самые, самые… все отлично и музыка классная, и артисты один лучше другого… В общем ))) Горько!!! и Все будьте счастливы))) как эта пара))

  • Прекрасный фильм! Душевный… Только зачем так часто главной героине повязку то на левую ногу цепляют, то на правую? )))

  • zulfira gavrilova says:

    хороший фильм.чудной.сюжет неожиданный,интересный.наверно еще раз посмотрю.но неужели так ужасно живут люди в деревнях центральной России.это меня ошеломило,хотелось бы верить,что это перебор. В Башкирии в деревнях уже больше 20и лет все удобства–газовое отопление,вода,ванные комнаты.

  • Песня дурацкая- ни смысла, ни мелодии, получше не могли придумать?

  • СТАР МЕДИА- во всех ваших фильмах озвучивание в очень низком
    качестве Почему не реагируете на жалобы зрителей
    Вам что, по фигу?

  • Классный фильм и мой любимый актёр снимается я даже не подозревал что Роман Курцин будет в этом потрясающем фильме!!!класс

  • Михо Ибрагимов says:

    Хороший фильм, Роман Курцин молодой такой со своей женой Анной Назаровой!!!

  • Ирина Паутина says:

    мне фильм понравился, не скучный.песня которую пела героиня понравилась.главные герои понравились.а те события которые они пережили изменят их жизнь в лучшую сторону.

  • Анаит Ситникова says:

    фильм очень понравился,очень позитивный и лёгкий.Только не пойму,какая у неё нога болит,то левая забинтована,то правая

  • Вакуум терм says:

    фильм понравился. Только в конце у девочки повязка то на левой, то на правой ноге.

  • Туяра Федотова says:

    Фильм с хорошим смыслом. Мы не знаем , что нас ждет впереди. Вействительно времена и сроки в руках Господа. Песня в фильме очень понравилось)

  • Violetta Zalesskaya says:

    Не советую смотреть,дура эта бесит,смотрю только ради Миллера.

  • Кто ей додумался нацепить этот стремный золотистый пояс…жуть даже для тех лет

  • Оксана Снигирёва says:

    Сюжет может натолкнуть на мысль:а смысл того,что я хочу?

  • Вот так уроды, после аварии решают свои проблемы, вещи достают, опаздывает они понимаете ли и никто не удосужился вызвать скорую помощь водителю.

  • 1 час17 мин ну молодцы, подвезли девушку в больницу, помогли, а отсиживаться в больнице зачем, кто их там держит, могли бы и по своим делам отправляться.

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