Курьер (драма, реж. Карен Шахназаров, 1986 г.)

Курьер (драма, реж. Карен Шахназаров, 1986 г.)

A Mosfilm Studios production The Gagarin Regional
District Court of Moscow has studied
Civil Case No.2. 688/6: Lidia Miroshnikova vs. Fyodor Miroshnikov. The aforementioned parties
were married in 1967 and have one child,
Ivan born in 1969. The plaintiff requests
the Court to dissolve the marriage
on the grounds that her husband loves another woman. The defendant does
not contend the suit. – Give me a hankie.
– I don’t have one.
– What did you say?
– I don’t have one! That’s very kind of you.
I have one. I’m going to drop by the store and
wait for you at the bus stop. We’ll go to the Zoo and
the Planetarium. Okay, Mama. Good-bye. Your mother is an angel. I’m sorry it turned out
this way, old boy. Relax, Dad. I hope we’ll be seeing a lot of each other.
Sure, Dad. She’s really got class. D’ you really like her?
I’ll introduce you Natasha! Come over here. This is my son, Ivan.
This is Natasha. Pleased to meet you.
Congratulations. Your dad’s told me a lot about you. I can only imagine. Nothing bad, old boy. Take care of him.
He has an ulcer. My mom brews herbal tea. I can copy the recipe for you
on the q.t. Thanks. That’ll be great. I have to go. – Come visit us, Ivan.
– Sure. I did go visit them and even took them my mom’s recipe.
My dad, a construction engineer, soon went off to work in Africa. I finished school and began my adult life. T H E M E S S E N G E R Based on a story
by K. Schakhnazarov Starring Fyodor Dunayevsky Anastasiya Nemolyayeva Oleg Basilashvili Inna Churicova Featuring Svetlana Kriuchkova
Alexander Pankratov-Chorny Vladimir Menshov
Alevtina Evdokimova Evdokia Urusova
Vladimir Smirnov Tell us, young man, when did Kiev Russ adopt Christianity? Kiev Russ? You don’t know that, either. I’ve never been good at dates. Why’d you decide
to become a teacher? My mother teaches history
at a technical school. She said: “Apply
to a teacher’s college. “So few boys do.
You’ll have a chance.” We’re short of boys,
but not that hard up. I see. I just didn’t
want to argue with her. – Six clubs.
– Whist. You don’t have a single trick.
Then I’ll pass. What do you mean pass? Just play. That’s stupid, Mikheyich.
You’ll sit there with no twos. You’re stupid yourself. We’re playing for stakes.
Damn, I can’t play. What do you mean? Just play. Lead with a diamond. I want to get a job
at the vegetable store, Bazin. Your dad works there,
doesn’t he? Yeah, he’s a loader. Could he put in a word for me? I’ll ask him. Why there? D’you like carrots? It’s close to home. Carrots! I’ll be
called up soon anyway. Why’d you lie to your father?
What do you mean? “Congratulations on being accepted. “What a surprise. As I recall
You didn’t exactly shine in school. “Awaiting great discoveries.
(Singed) Papa” I wanted to make him feel good. Feel good! He’d feel good if you’d
actually gotten into the institute. Enough with the institute! Darwin wasn’t much
at first either, but look how he turned out! You’re no Darwin. He didn’t hang out
with bums all day. It’s time you got a job, Darwin! I’m going to work at
the vegetable store. Bazin said he’d help. Your friend Bazin is an idiot. It’s easy to call a person names. Listen to his history paper: “The peasant serfs “were angry when they
found out “about the Tartar invasion.” Were they supposed
to be happy? You understand good and well.
You just said that to hurt me. You’re always trying to hurt me,
just like your father. Why bring Dad into it?
You enjoy tormenting me. You’re cruel and heartless! If I were Dad, I’d have left you, too.
You could drive anyone crazy. Ivan, how can you talk to me like that?
Why do you hate me, Ivan? Stop crying! Stop, or I’ll burn the house down! I found you a job. – Nothing less than a Minister?
– Practically. As a messenger
for “Cognition” magazine. I always dreamed of being
an errand boy. You’re really lucky, then. Fill out the application
and write your autobiography. Including your family, schooling- – Can I sit here?
– Yes. All done? Let’s see it. “I was born in Languedoc
Province in 1668, the son “of an impoverished,
though ancient, “noble family. “My father, le duc de- ” De Brissac. “- fought in M Laval’s regiment
and was wounded “by a spear during the siege of
Montfer… ferrat, “while hoisting the king’s
standard. “I resided in the family castle
until the age of 17. “Thanks to my mother,
Baroness de Monjou, “I received a decent
education. “Now, desirous of serving
my country in battle, “I wish to be enlisted
in His Majesty’s “Blackguard company.” Rewrite it. – I was just joking.
– So I see. This is Ivan, our new messenger. Hey, he’s not bad.
Zinochka To some I’m Zinochka,
To others I’m Zinaida Pavlovna. I’m Stepan Afanasyevich,
the editor. I’m Ivan Panteleimonovich. You mean your father’s name
really Panteleimon? – What’s wrong with that?
– Nothing. I want to remind you that
a messenger’s duties are: sorting and delivering letters and running
business-related errands. He is not to be sent out for cigarettes or purchases. Got it, old boy? – What’s so funny?
– That’s what my dad calls me. There’s something of a father
in each of us. Of course, but he doesn’t
live with us now. – I’m sorry.
– For him or for us? Here’s your first assignment. Take this article
to Prof. Kuznetsov. He’s a big name in education. Ever see “School Chums” on TV? Get going! He’s waiting for it. Bazin! Hey!
Why aren’t you at school? I’m excused from P.E. I’m going
skate-boarding. Where’d you get it?
My Aunt from Tallin sent it. Come with me. I can’t. I’m working.
I have to deliver this. You can deliver it later.
Skateboard first and then deliver it. Watch out! Faster! Head towards Mosfilm! PROF. S. P. KUZNETSOV – Who d’you want to see?
– You. I’ve been in love with you since
the 1st grade. I started school in Leningrad. It wasn’t you, then. Actually, I have a manuscript
for Semyon Petrovich. A crazy guy’s brought you
a manuscript, Papa. Send the scoundrel in.
He’s kept me waiting 3 hours! I’m not a scoundrel. Take off your shoes. – My socks, too?
– You can leave them on. Give me some slippers. – Who’re you?
– A messenger. Because of you, messenger, I’ve
wasted 3 hours of precious time. Here’s your manuscript. Show him out, Katya. I’m in no hurry. I’d appreciate a cup of tea.
And a bite to eat. I told you he was crazy.
– What’s so crazy about that? I didn’t ask for a hundred rubles!
I’m hungry and asked for a cup of tea. – What’s wrong with that?
– Actually – Take him to the kitchen
and pour him some tea. – You’re all right.
– Meaning? – You’ve a good figure. Nice legs.
– I got them from my mother. – I’d like to meet her.
– She’ll be in later. I had this real
cool teacher. She was stacked.
An interesting lady. One day she was showing
a science film to our physics class. I was in the last row. She sat down beside me.
It was dark. I got excited – And moved closer. She acted like she didn’t notice.
And what happened? When I put my arm
around her, she said: “See me after class, Miroshnikov.”
That’s my name. I did. She was in the lab.
Her breasts were heaving. She said, Miroshnikov, my dear boy.
And she fell into my arms. Can you imagine? I had a crush on a teacher, too. He was very handsome.
He taught Russian literature… What happened? I wrote him a letter, but he
never answered it. I’m a girl. I couldn’t
throw myself at him. Of course.
So what do you do? I’m a freshman at the University. I could’ve been, too. I scored 100 at the entrance exam, but decided I’d get some
work experience first. Join the Army… I didn’t want to go to school,
either, but my parents- My parents never interfere. I’ll come
for the manuscript tomorrow. I don’t think I’ll say
goodbye to your father. Good idea. You kind of
got him riled up. Bye. Listen to this, Ivan- Thy glass will show thee
how thy beauties wear, They dial how thy precious
minutes waste; The vacant leaves
thy mind’s imprint will be And of this book this learning
mayst thou taste. The wrinkles which thy glass
will truly show Of mouthed graves
will give thee memory- – Did Pushkin write that?
– No, Shakespeare did. Once, Prof. Rosenfeld said: “This is your third attempt
to get into acting school. “Each time you do tragedy, but “you’ve a real talent
for comedy.” Did you want to be an actress? Yes, but your father said: “Don’t knock at a locked door.” I was in love with him. We had an office party today. They asked me to recite something. I didn’t want to,
but I pulled myself together. I recite “They are beating a woman…”.
It’s by Voznesensky. At first, there was silence.
Then, can you believe it, an ovation and flowers. Everyone congratulated me. Men offered to take me home. A colonel even invited me
out to dinner. But I came home alone. The Earth is visible below
Through the round porthole. We miss it as a son
Will miss his mother, For it’s our one
And only one. And all the same,
The stars are cold, Though they are near us. And just as in
The darkest hours, We wait for light and dream
Our Earthly dreams. We dream not
Of the launching pad, Nor of this light-blue
Stillness, But of the grass
Around our house. Of all the green,
Green grass. Are you crying? No. Go on back to bed. What’d you do at Kuznetsov’s? Why? He called this morning and
said not to send you again. – I said there’s nobody else.
– What’d he say? He said, it was too bad our fine
organization hired such punks. – What’d you say?
– I said, “He’s just a cog in the wheel.” You look like a corpse. What’d you do there? His daughter fell in love
with me. Now he’s scared. You’re a fast operator. And smart. Kuznetsov’s
an important man. Why’re you sitting around? Go pick up the photographs. Then get the ms
from Kuznetsov. It’s stuffy in here. Open the window, Ivan. Way to go, clutz! Should I open it? Never mind. Are you okay? What d’you think? The paper
punch landed on my head. Who put it up there? I’ve been looking for it
for 3 weeks. Being brained by this – It could draw blood. Yeah, if it fell from high up. – It could even kill you.
– I doubt it. If it hit you full-force? Let me see it. Sure, if it were full-force,
it could kill you. Hello, Oleg. What was that crash? Our messenger fell off
the windowsill. Imagine, the paper punch
landed on his head. No, yours is small. But ours
Is an office-size punch. Not a scratch. Okay, I’ll be right down. Go get those photos, Ivan, and
then go by Kuznetsov’s. I’ve come for the manuscript. Come in. You’re just in time.
We’re having dinner. I won’t let you go without
eating. Hello. Pull up a chair. Serve our guest, Katya. This calls for wine. Is today a holiday? You now have the honor
of meeting a typical representative
of today’s youth. A mix of nihilism and impudence. He’s a fascinating specimen. – What’s your name?
– Ivan. You might’ve thought to ask
that before. Well, Ivan, Well, you know me.
And Katya. This is my mother, Agnes
Ivanovna. My wife, Maria Victorovna. Everything becomes part of
an act. Clowning as a principle
of life. They know it all. – Why’re you ribbing him?
– It’s a matter of principle! Our generation wants to know what we lived and fought for. Who will take over
the edifice we erected? Why should that trouble you? I’d like to know, young man, by what principles you intend
to exist in society? I’d like to have good pay,
a car, an apartment in the center of town,
a dacha – And a cushy job. True, earthly possessions
are necessary. There’s nothing wrong in that. But you don’t get them
for nothing. One must work hard,
acquire knowledge – Then you’ll have earned
that flashy car. Sounds pretty grim. I guess
I’ll do without the car. Right. It’s the only way. Not at all. If I seduce your
daughter and marry her, I’ll have it made. You have connections and money.
You don’t want to make your only daughter’s life unhappy.
You’ll find me a cushy job and buy us a condo.
Right, Agnes… Ivanovna? A condo! Did you hear that? Out! Get out!
Senya, Senya, calm down! Get out, you punk! Wait, Ivan! You were great. He’ll complain to the office. No, he won’t. Here’s
the manuscript. – Where are you going now?
– To the office. Give me your phone number.
I’ll call you this evening. 543-71-60
All hell’s broken loose. It’s great. You’re funny. I like you. – What’s up?
– I’m going home. Someone’s gonna call. How about a double date?
The one on the left is yours. – What’ll we do?
– Go to a movie or for ice cream. – Hey, Bazin!
– Wait a sec! By what principles d’you
exist in society? Who will take over
the edifice we erected? – What edifice? Are you turning philosophical?
– Don’t play dumb. Answer me. By what principles
do you exist? My main principle – is to serve the humanistic
ideals of mankind. Good for you! You and the girls
go to the movies. – May I please speak to Ivan?
– It’s me, Katya. How’s your father? Okay. He cooled off
after a while. Mama thinks you’re eccentric.
For some reason she likes you. Don’t worry.
My dad won’t complain. Why should I worry?
I’m not responsible for anything. Irresponsible is more like it. I don’t
want you to get into trouble. Thanks. What’re you doing
tomorrow? I’ve classes in the morning.
Nothing in the evening. We could go somewhere. Okay. Let’s go somewhere.
What time? Head on over to Mayakovsky Sq.
at 5. OK? Okay. That works. So long. Stepan Afanasyevich – What’s your most
cherished wish? That the barometer not fall below 740 mm in Moscow
Region. – Why?
– The fish bite better. My wish would be to marry a Japanese. Why a Japanese? They’ve got the best technology. Couldn’t I interest you
in a Georgian? There’s this fella I know – Why can’t you be serious? How about you, Ivan? I wish Communism triumphs
throughout the world. By the way, we’re to send
one person to do a day’s work at the vegetable
warehouse. You’re elected, Ivan. – Not bad at all.
– Merci. What’ll we do? – How about a kiss?
– What on earth for? Are you chicken? No, but I’m not kissing you.
I’ve got my principles. What makes you think I don’t
have principles? OK. So, why’d you ask for a date?
So that we could kiss. Are you mad?
I was only joking. Okay.
So what are we going to do? How about a movie
or a cafe? I’m sick of them. Want me to show you
a leopard’s den? Why’d you bring me here? It’s the leopard’s den. This is a quarry. How’d
a leopard come to be here? It ran away
from a travelling circus. – Did you see it?
– No. What makes you think it’s here? I heard it was killed here. How could it live here? Look, see its tracks? Come on, let’s get out of here. All together now!
Everyone clap! -What would you like? -What do you have?
– Coffee or ice cream? – I don’t want anything. I know a joke. A plain crashed. Everyone died except
for this one monkey. The investigators questioned it: “What was the pilot doing
when the plane crashed?” “Oh, Lucienne, Lucienne!” “What about the stewardess?”
“Oh, Jean, Jean!” “What were you doing?” – I remember another joke.
– Two guys are out and see two guys fighting.
– Are these your friends? – Yeah. Study, work
-Would you hold these sunflower seeds,
I’ll be right back. I have to make a call. The phone’s over there. Why d’you snort
like a horse, Bazin? When’d I snort? You snort all the time. You say something stupid and snort. Ivan, it’s my girlfriend’s birthday.
She’s invited us over. – Don’t you like it here?
– I do, but it’s her birthday. Okay, come on. Are they all into karate? Igor studied for six years in Japan
While his dad worked there. What stupid dresses. That’s not what they’re
wearing in Paris. Were you in Paris? I spent the summer in Belgrade. Nina’s dad is posted
in Yugoslavia. But were you in Paris? No, I was not in Paris. Are you at school, Ivan? Nobody’ll have me. I’ve served 5 years. – Where?
– In prison. Five long years. Got any pure alcohol? – No.
– Any perfume or cologne? -Dad’s probably got some cologne.
-Domestic or imported? There’s French perfume. I don’t like French perfume. Okay, let’s have it. Open the door, Ivan!
Are you okay? Why’d you do it? Were you mad on account
of your friends? I need to go home.
-I’ll see you home. -No need. Where were you? – Don’t you feel well?
– I’m nauseous. It’s probably food poisoning. – Should I call an ambulance?
– No, I’ll be all right. – What’d you eat?
– Ice cream. Why, you smell of perfume. – Were you out with a girl?
– I was out with Bazin. Is “Madame Rochas”
a good perfume? Excellent, but
very expencive. – Want to give someone a gift?
– I already have. Two bottles! – Where’d you get the money?
– I won it at cards. You mean you play
for money? No. Bazin’s Uncle Rothschild
died in America. You and your jokes. Go to sleep. Good night. How are you, old boy? I’m fine, Dad. Why’d they go to the country? Papa’s working on a book. Writing, writing!
Everybody’s writing. They should try football. I can just picture him
playing football. It’s not a sight
for the weak – hearted. That’s enough.
Sorry. Remember what you told me
about your teacher? – The one you had an affair with.
– Me? An affair? It was you who told me. Yeah, I remember it now. But bear this in mind, sometimes I can say anything –
I surprise myself sometimes. Why? -I don’t know.
I start and get carried away D’you play the piano? – I used to take lessons.
– Play something, and I’ll sing. What’ll I play? Play anything. How do I know what to play if
I don’t know what you’ll sing. Why don’t you begin?
Play something else. That’s not good for singing There once was a goat,
Not a snake, not a stoat, But a real billy goat
With a long, shaggy coat – What’s going on? Come, Mamma. – What’s the body count?
– It’s pretty awful. Really, we didn’t do
anything wrong. Not really.
Is it wrong to laugh? Well, yes, I guess it is.
I’ll be going Could you spare a few minutes
of your valuable time? I have come to the conclusion
that your company is extremely detrimental
to my daughter. Man-to-men,
I request you to cease all social contact with Katya. That’s impossible, sir. How’s that… sir? Your daughter and I love
each other. I admit it wasn’t right of me to conceal the truth from you
for so long. Now that you know, I ask you
to give us your blessing. Wait. Have you decided to get married? Our relations have gone too far. As a decent man, I request your
daughter’s hand in marriage. You what? Katerina is expecting. – What?
– It’s true. When’d you have time to? – What do you expect to live on?
– Hardship doesn’t faze us. I understand…
but you’re so young. Do you plan on going
to college? That’s not an end in itself. I trust you don’t intend to
always be a messenger. – I write poetry.
– Ever publish anything? Not yet. – Are your poems any good?
– I can recite one for you. “A monument I’ve raised
not built with hands, “And common folk shall keep
the path well trodden “To where it unsubdued
and towering stands – Not bad, though it does
remind me of something. Perhaps it’s
the old-fashioned style. – Care to hear another one?
– No, thanks. – I’ll be going, then.
– Yes. Drop by any time. – Why not invite your parents over?
– By all means. And may I call you Papa? Well? No problem.
We had a nice chat. Don’t worry.
I’ll call you this evening. Is Ivan there? How could you?
Why’d you do it? – Who was that?
– Nobody special. Could you tell me where
the Language Department is? It’s in the Humanities building. French 7 is already out. Hi, Katya. I decided to take a walk. It’s such a nice day. Then, what happened, Ilya?
I’m dying to know. Well, Mitya and I went in. They were sitting around,
all of them sober – Why’s this weirdo standing here? – Want us to get rid of him?
– No, he’s my cousin. He arrived from
Vitebsk yesterday. You’ve got a strange
looking cousin. I know. He’s a bit touched.
He fell off a thresher. So long. I’ll show
him the University. – Why’d you come here?
– To apologize for yesterday. Okay, I forgive you. There’s something else
I want to say. – I’ll be good. Honest.
– Don’t act like a baby. You made things really
hard for me. I had a terrible time
with my parents. – I’ll apologize to them.
– It’s too late for that. I told them I was expecting
your child. – Are you nuts?
– What else could I do? – They threw such a fit.
– What’ll we do now? – Have a baby.
– How? You’re a man. You should know. Are you chicken? No, I’m with you.
You mean right now? Why wait?
I’ve a lecture at 2 o’clock. Right here? With people
passing all the time? – Where, then?
– Where we can be alone. Let’s go over there. This isn’t bad. What d’you say?
– Oh, what flowers! -They’re medicinal.
Rats! Now what? Are you a man,
or a piece of dog shit? -What should I do? -Think of something!
-Get us a room or something. I need a pad, Bazin. – What for?
– I just do. My aunt’s here
from Tallinn with her kids. – They’re driving me nuts.
– Are Serge’s parents at work? His dad broke a leg.
He’s at home. Would the basement work?
I’ve got the keys. What a rat hole. D’you think I’m a loose woman? Of course not. Well, I am. Did you ever? You know, with a woman – No. Did you? – No. Just petted.
– Me, too. – D’you like me?
– Yes, a lot. I like you, too. Sometimes I can’t
understand you, though. What the hell’s going on!
And in broad daylight! Making out in public! -You bastard!
-What? – Wait, Katya! I hate you! This is all your fault.
Don’t you dare follow me. There’s a letter
and gifts from your father. It looks good on you. “It’s hellishly hot here.
I was in the savannah “and saw the Masai hunting.”
-Who? -The Masai. “The chieftain gave me a spear. “He’s really powerful.
A real Hercules and smart. “I’ll be home on vacation soon. “Regards to Mother.
Write me. Papa.” I take it this is the
spear in question. He always liked toys. They sparked his imagination. Why’d you do that? Ivan? I thought it was Stepanov. Hello, hero. We weren’t
expecting you. I want to apologize, sir, ma’am,
and to Katya for what I did. Relax… Katya told us all about it. Let bygones be bygones. Katya, a cavelier’s
come calling for you, Excuse me, excuse me!
I’d like you to meet Ivan. He’s the most original of all
of my daughter’s friends. Is this the one you told us about? The very one! He recently said
he wrote poetry and recited a poem by Pushkin. Imagine, I nearly fell for it
Like a first-grader at a magic show. That was stupid of me. Young people today are an enigma. The most enigmatic of enigmas! But,
we must communicate with them. -Oh, you communicate alright,
But it’s all work, work, work! I repent, I repent!… That’s why I ended up
Getting messed up. -Eat, Eat, Vanya, don’t be shy.
The day’s fast approaching
when we’ll cease understanding our own children. You’re complicating things. They’re just spoiled.
Their life has been too easy. It’s trite, but true. My father whipped me
until I was 17. For all the good it did. Take my son, for instance. He’s a good boy, a sportsman. It’s hard to find fault with him. But he loves to drink milk
out of the can! It’s those yellow cans
of evaporated milk. I ask him
why he drinks it undiluted. He says, “I like it.” It’s the same old song: we had it hard, so why
shouldn’t they? That’s just stupid. Today’s youth is heroic. I watch TV and know our youth. But he goes on drinking it
from the can! Why does it upset you so much? To hell with the milk!
I want to understand him! Why does a big, burly fellow punch a hole in a can and – When I talk to him,
he won’t answer. He listens, says nothing and
starts sucking another can! He doesn’t want to study,
he’s sloppy about his job. I thought he wanted to become
the judo champ. But no. “Why spend so much time
working out, then?” I said. “Why all those biceps, triceps…”
“What for?” So he picked up the empty can
and… scrunch. “You can’t do that,” he said.
Tell me, why would he say that? Calm down. You’re exaggerating.
I know your son, he’s a good kid.
You’re just too strict with him. I want to know what he wants! I want to know what I fathered!
Don’t I have that right? Don’t I? If he said: “You’re an ass.
Your entire life was messed up.” I’d understand. But he accepts
the good things and is silent! He’s at a difficult age. Our son
never said a thing. Now he’s in grad school. He’ll outgrow it.
Isn’t that so, Ivan? Yes. We’ll sow our wild oats
and be just like you. Why just like us? Be even better than us.
Keep pressing on. We’ll press on. “Friends, this is just like work:
Talk and more talk.” I hope you’ll excuse
my fatherly pride if I ask my daughter
to sing for us. Lovely!
Yes, do! Sing “The Nightingale”
for us, Katya. She sings it great! I don’t feel like singing. – Why not?
– I just don’t! I’ll sing it. Can you sing? I was in the school glee club. Nightingale,
My nightingale, Sweet-voiced nightingale. Whither are you winging? Where shall you
Sing the night away? Nightingale,
My nightingale, Sweet-voiced nightingale. Fly away,
My nightingale, Far, far away –
Sing “Electric train” next! Wait, wait. Forget “Electric Train.”
Can you tell me what you want out of life? What you wish for?
Enough, Oleg, Enough! Wait, Wait! Let him answer me.
– I’ll tell you what I wish for. I want to be irresistible. I want to drive a fast sports car,
wearing a long red scarf, to drive men wild.
And have a stereo and a lap dog. That’s what I want. – Why, Katya –
– I will sing for you, after all. – Some other time, perhaps?
– You wanted me to. There once was a goat,
Not a snake, not a stoat – Stop it! Don’t come to see me. And don’t call. It’s all right, Katya. It’s all right. Our company’s gone.
Let’s go home. I can’t, Papa.
I just can’t. Everything will be all right. It’ll be all right. Come on, it’s late.
Let’s go home. Why’re you wearing a coat?
Are you cold? D’you have a wish, Bazin? What d’you wish for? – I wish I had a coat.
– Is that all? Winter’s almost here,
and I don’t have a coat. I wore a jacket last year
and always caught cold. Can’t your folks buy you a coat? My dad’s has to pay alimony.
Mom won’t give me a kopeck. She says I don’t need money. She’s sick in the head.
What can you do? Stand up. -Why?
-Stand up, I say. It’s all yours. Wear it in good health.
-Have you gone crazy? -I’ll be called up soon anyway. Wear it and wish
for something great. Written by
Alexander Borodyansky Directed by
Karen Shakhnazarov Director of Photography
Nikolai Nemolyayev Production Designer
Konstantin Forostenko Music by Eduard Artemyev Sound Recordist
Vitaly Shemelkin

100 thoughts on “Курьер (драма, реж. Карен Шахназаров, 1986 г.)”

  • К сожалению такой персонаж существовать в нормальной жизни не может, ему просто сломают нос.

  • Египетская Сила says:

    Кстати, молодой Витас поет(дублирует) здесь
    " Соловей" вместо женщины

  • Шедевр.
    Карен Георгиевич, Вам здоровья и Вашим сыновьям, супруге и родственникам

  • Хлеб с холодной котлетой, у черно белого телевизора с постоянно сползающей полосой по экрану…. Дайте мне пожалуйста в прошлое билет в один конец…

  • Марина Соколова says:

    На уроке в техникуме, в 83 или в 84 м , рарешили почитать вслух повесть Курьер, напечатанную в журнале юность. Хохот стоял на всю аудиторию!!!! А в 86м уже с удовольствием смотрели этот фильм. Просто ШЕДЕВР. От повести почти не отличается, мне даже кажется что фильм лучше. Зрелищней что ли. Только главного героя я немного не таким представляла, но в принципе и этот хорош!!!

  • Кот Обормот says:

    Посмотрел в начале ролик,в итоге нашёл фильм и посмотрел весь,огонь!!!

  • Константин Чередников says:

    А можно я вас папой буду называть?)контрольный в голову!😁

  • Дмитрий Смирнов says:

    Это же ореховская братва! В 90 е это уже они были короли Москвы а бывшие тузы в ноги кланялись. Не знал тогда профессор что через пару лет Ваня придёт к нему с утюгом и пистолетом.

  • Марина Соколова says:

    – это кто?
    – брат двоюродный из Витебска.
    – че то странный он какой то.
    – тронутый немного, с молотилки упал. 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Ярослав Григорьев says:

    Фильм классный и незавершённый. Задумка реализована по-моему только, если он планировался как инструкция как делать не надо

  • Заметил тенденцию, что в последнее время фильм обрёл буквально "второе дыхание", и становится всё более популярным у новых поколений.

  • Лариса Токарева says:

    100 раз смотрела….и сегодня ещё раз посмотрю.Весь фильм растащили на цитаты.Это моя юность.

  • Умели раньше снять серьезный фильм, в котором юмора больше, чем сейчас в ебанутых комедиях, от которых только дегенератам смешно.

  • Не знаю…Все дают такие восторженные комментарии а я с трудом досмотрел. Больше всего раздражали главные герои. Один – бездельник, сам не знает чего хочет. То в пед институт пошёл, то гружчиком потому что от дома близко, то курьером. У одного из персонажей сын хоть и был таким же лоботрясом, но хотябы стал дзюдоистом, хоть чем то полезным занят. А этот – все чем он отличается от других это то что говорит что думает. И поначалу это выглядит оригинально а потом надоедает и раздражает. Как шутка, говорить что думаешь – это хорошо. Но у этого балбеса – это норма. И вот на эту норму запала дочка писателя, блондинка, у которой гормональная буря и этого в одном месте зуд. Да она ему сама прямым текстом говорит: "Ну трахни уже меня, будь мужиком". А он: ни то ни сё. А тут ещё одна чисто своковая проблема: нет хаты чтоб потрахаться. А в гостиницу не пустят без паспортов где написано что муж и жена. Господи, скольким людям эти ограничения жизнь покалечили? Замуж выходили и женились чтобы на законных основаниях потрахаться. А потом разводились через месяц-два. И что хорошего в этом грёбаном совке, что все так ностальгически восхищаются? Просто там мы были молоды. И это всё хорошее что там было.

  • Роман Бондар says:

    ну все ж ведь написано!!!!И неравенство(ну конечно дефицит и прочее не показано,но это ж не документалка),и иронийа(воспринйали взаправду беременность),и мать отца Кати-"йа знаю молодёжь,по телевизору показивают",и взросление..Ну все ж аспекти жизни,которайа и сейчас не слишком поменйалась,особенно в СНГ.Только вот теперь можно к психологу обратитсйа,а тогда..Сейчас лучше жить всё-таки..

  • Роман Тяганов says:

    С чего фильм начинался,тем и закончился.Катька классная девчонка,плохо что у Ивана отсутствует чувство меры,всё могло бы быть иначе,есть вещи с которыми шутить плохо.То самое чувство,когда от фильма ждёшь большего, и все надежды неожиданно пропадают с надписью – КОНЕЦ ФИЛЬМА..

  • Как же после такого фильма переобулся Шахназаров. Очко, оно не железное.

  • Как я понимаю, мораль сего фильма – не будь рас***здяем. Умей делать что-нибудь, чтоб быть ценным человеком в обществе, иначе будешь проблемой или в лучшем случае – безделушкой для родных и близких.

  • Базин еще тот кадр-у меня тетка из талина приехала с тремя детьми,просто голова идет кругом от этих провинциалов🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣настоящий Москвич🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • игорь ефимов says:

    В этом году родился я только, в далеком 86 году ребята.. В то время многие пацаны мечтали о шмотках, а сейчас мы в руках держим андроиды мощные…

  • Иван Ржевский says:

    А я не понял, это что за мужик в военном кителе был в конце фильма? Кто объяснит к чему он здесь? Может это он себя после армии представил?

  • Молчание золото says:

    Как у меня в жизни. Дожил до 35 а смысл жизни только сейчас начал понимать.

  • Денис Ростовский says:

    Вспоминаю с тоской то прекрасное время! Как хочется вернуться в СССР!

  • Фильм нормальный,за исключением главного героя,какой-то тормознутый дебил,сразу видно мама одна воспитывала.

  • Илья Ёлгин says:

    Не осилил этот ад
    Постановка полный пиздец, молодые актёры… нет слов просто, третий сорт

  • Kai von LSSAH1942 says:

    полная безнадежность, нищета, уродство, руский артхаус
    плебс в восторге

  • 4 минуты назад выложили запись на Chop Chop и ты пришел чекнуть этот фильм, да? (Тот самый момент на 39:46 кстати)

  • андрей чумак says:

    Широкоформатный ракурс непривычен … но так притягателен….

  • Игорь Сапрыкин says:

    Под этот фильм уходил в армию , смотрел в армии и через 30 лет смотрю. …

  • Alex Seliverstov says:

    у меня возник вопрос, где оска за поворотом в квартире за 2 секунды взял кучу скомканных газет

  • А пиздят что в совке были все равны!некоторые таки были ровнее!

  • На самом деле боль в шутливой форме)))… не раскрывает сути. Просто смешно чтобы не идти на глубину бытия.

  • Заза Колбая says:

    Тогда искали в чем смысл жизни и сейчас ищут. В итоге все хотят комфорт.Все банально.

  • Михаил Беломестных says:

    Это ещё один шедевр, советского кино!!! Это духовная глубина, атмосфера которая передаётся, это нечто…

  • Зелёная зелё-ё-ная тра-а-ва!…

    – Мам…
    – А, чего?
    – Ты что, плачешь?
    – Нет. Иди спать.

  • Главный герой – полный ублюдок ! Именно его поколение беспринципных уродов пустило под откос страну! Такие как он сейчас в едре разворовывают страну

  • Алексей Клемешов says:

    Офигенный фильм, с него я начал советские фильмы смотреть)

  • Артур Карпляк says:

    Фільм шедевр і музика самая лутшая,персанажи лутшие из лутших

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