Где отдохнуть осенью 2019? Куда поехать в октябре ноябре? Доминикана

Где отдохнуть осенью 2019? Куда поехать в октябре ноябре? Доминикана

hello everyone today issue of where to relax at sea in October and November while I am here in the suburbs – my friends in Bali in the Dominican Republic and in Turkish Alanya together we will not only tell but also show how things are now at the best resorts on the planet You are dancing bachata, meringue. Rum please unlimited I conducted a survey in the group “KrugoSvetka with Tretyakova” in social networks. Thanks to everyone who voted It turns out most of all who want to relax in this time of the year in Alanya, in Turkey. Today is obligatory I’ll tell you how things are now with the weather, prices, about the best Attractions and places to visit in Alanya. Next in the release is the hot Dominican Republic, Turkish Alanya and the warmest corners of Europe she herself only recently found out that the Dominican Republic is located on the island of Haiti I used to not associate with each other it is in the Dominican Republic that the coolest golf courses and celebrity villas are located Donald Trump, Sting, Julio Iglesias, Jay Lo, Christina Aguilera love to relax there. It is worth paying attention to this place of rest. From Moscow to the Dominican Republic fly ten to eleven o’clock. I in such cases always at first I get feedback from those who have already visited this country. I recognize. when to fly, how to save which hotel to choose, which beach to visit. Now the most honest review about Dominican Republic by Olga Basmurova On Instagram, her profile is basmurava and there are a lot of stories and publications from the Dominican Republic Dominican Republic. I have been to different countries and prefer Asia. But the Dominican Republic is a mixture of something Asian and Spain, There is a flavor, there is something to see and there is something that I would not want to see local flavor I don’t know what They sell They go they sell And what they sell is not clear Dominican Republic is all inclusive absolutely all inclusive great food there was absolutely all the meat any – pork, beef chicken, fish of different species, shrimp and everything is absolutely delicious. Variety of vegetables we were pleased despite the fact that our hotel had 3 triple four about alcohol, too, everything is included From 10 onwards, the bar worked and until one in the morning can drink without stopping that is rum beer I don’t drink beer at all I do not like In the Dominican Republic I tried and even drank a couple of mugs, because it is so light I think the Russians must like it many hotels have their own discos; these are good clubs where people come from other hotels. there are local clubs but either Russian pop music or local plays there so you mean something techno, electronic, as I love, there naturally it’s impossible to find What to do with yourself? In the Dominican Republic, you will be busy around the clock beautiful beaches, the sea or the Atlantic – depending on what you choose you will enjoy it first of all but already on the third or fourth day I recommend that you start to get out on excursions In the Dominican Republic there is something to see I recommend to visit In Santo Domingo in the capital of the Dominican Republic there you will see all the contrasts before visiting the country, I was somehow not particularly interested, but now I know that Dominican Republic is a Catholic country they profess Catholicism and by the way there In Santo Domingo you will visit the Catholic Cathedral about excursions – how much? Somewhere around $ 50, plus or minus depending on where you get it We went on an excursion to the island of Saona and here is such a small mark while you head there it’s about an hour and a half by sea on a boat and it’s very cool emotions because cool animation works dance with you bachata, meringue Rum, please, out of limited quantity. And while we got there I was already the most honest person. The island is, of course, a paradise and, in general, in principle Dominican beaches are just a paradise I haven’t seen anything like this anywhere else, but maybe I just haven’t been anywhere else. Keep in mind that leaving the hotel in the evening is dangerous No need to be afraid there until the evening the police runs, including on the beaches, but out of the territory – get out with the company Girls in immodest outfits, I would not recommend appearing at night on the street The ticket cost for ridiculous money one hundred thousand rubles for two A tour to the Dominican Republic on average costs anywhere from 80 thousand rubles per person in in principle, you can find again, depending on the hotel of its stardom, something for approximately 70 thousand per person vacation, I think nothing should spoil you all the more October early November there is just the same season there is happiness – it cannot but be If you are not mentally ready for all this autumn beauty, but don’t want to fly far, there’s Turkish Alanya – it’s warm there now. It is on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. there 25-27 degrees of heat Water is also up to 26 degrees In November, the water temperature drops to 22 -23 Olga Kameneva, the author of the channel, has just returned from Alanya Solyanka travel On this channel you will find a good overview about Alanya Olga recommends the Cote d’Azur Cleopatra beach one of the best not only in Alanya but also in Turkey in general. In addition, it was in October and November in Turkey it’s good to see the sights Alanya fortress 13th century In Alanya there is a Red Tower and a huge fortress it’s hard to roam them in the summer in the heat, but in the autumn when the scorching sun is no longer so October-November is the time when you can plunge headlong into the exotic and at the same time save on Sri Lanka I’ll say right away in Sri Lanka this time of year is still a low season Tropical rains have not ended but at the same time, wide beaches and the warm Indian Ocean are at your disposal the heat there is up to 30 degrees But be prepared – during the day, pouring warm rain may suddenly begin waves at this time of year in Sri Lanka strong Ocean storms But if you plan to surf it doesn’t stop going to Hikkaduwa or Weligama to surf need special clothes or at least a long-sleeved T-shirt And this is not some kind of tribute surfing tradition At the equator, the sun is very active, scorching – the skin burns instantly even in such a low season in October and November, Sri Lanka is perfect for those who love national and traditional holidays and processions at this time of year Hindus celebrate the day dedicated to the goddess Lakshmi – this is the goddess of wealth The festival of light and the festival of lights is celebrated. There is also a festival among Buddhists. it is celebrated on the full moon of the month And maybe those with strong stomachs interested in the international festival of spicy food in October it is celebrated being carried out more precisely in Colombo the capital of states air flight Moscow-Colombo will cost 30 thousand rubles If you want save money – look for options with a transfer through the UAE or Qatar a very detailed overview Sri Lanka has a link on my channel to the playlist at the top There and the best beaches of the island and the main attractions – Lion Rock Sigiriya, tea plantations will find something interesting for herself In planning a vacation, this must help you from European resorts I advise you to pay attention to the Spanish Tenerife, Crete, Greek Cyprus There, of course, it is no longer summer, but still warm enough Temperatures in the afternoon 22-23 degrees You can warm up well and extend your summer About your beloved tell the directions of autumn rest in the comments and in the group KrugoSvetka with Tretyakova in social networks Note to the tourist who decided to visit Bali Those planning a vacation – have a good trip Be sure to subscribe to my youtube channel set the bell to all bye bye!

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  • Ирина Сотникова says:

    В Доминикану очень хочется Классный обзор У меня наконец-то сложилась картинка – как оно там в Доминикане

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    Вот я бы тоже в Доминикану сбежал Но турецкая Аланья – реальнее И по деньгам и по времени Отличный обзор

  • Виктор Хашин says:

    Тоже думаю где отдохнуть осенью Пока не решил куда поехать в октября Доминикана и правда рай!

  • Елена Рыжая says:

    А я все надеюсь что Египет откроют как раньше, нам это реальней чем Тай или Доминикана

  • Егошина Надежда says:

    Отличный обзор. Большое спасибо. Смотрела с большим удовольствием

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  • Лешка Пиг says:

    У меня отпуск в ноябре, как раз выбираю какое нибудь направление

  • Смешной поросенок says:

    Шри Ланка замечательное направление, знакомые туда ездили много положительных отзывов

  • Ярослава Иванова says:

    Будем знать))а мы вот уже отошли от отдыха ,все в делах)

  • Ирина Овчиян says:

    Сейчас то что нужно для отдыха))туристов чуть меньше ,правда прохладней

  • Irina LIV ISRAEL says:

    Спасибо за видео. Мне хватает моря у нас в Израиле но все равно было очень интересно послушать об отдыхе в разных странах)

  • Хороший обзор очень интересно посмотреть и взять себе на заметку!

  • Светлана, Вы как всегда шикарны, а голос, подача, дикция это что-то нереальное, обожаю Ваши видео

  • Юрий Плешаков says:

    Тамошние места еще интересны и своими неповторимыми традициями. Например, вуду.)

  • Уроки Творчества от Natali DIY says:

    Светлана, здравствуйте. Очень хорошо, что вы рассказали об этих необычных местах. Ольге привет, были рады тоже ее увидеть на видео.

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    Сколько слышал про отдых в Доминикане, но, оказывается, нужно было раз увидеть!!!

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    Какая красота)) Обожаю ваши обзоры путешествий)) Спасибо)) Жду новых видео))

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    Моя мечта попасть в Доминикану,спасибо ,что рассказали,и дали советы по этому поводу!

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  • Из города в деревню says:

    Незнаю, осенью нужно отдыхать в России в походах, такой красоты нет нигде, а вот зимой опять в России)) нет такого мороза и снега. Короче только Россия

  • Lena Super Family says:

    Каждый год в первых числах ноября летаем в Турцию Белек, толпы уже нет а погода всегда радует!! Купаемся загораем как летом)

  • Таня Калавна says:

    Да я как не посмотрю, всегда природа в россии красивая, не поеду никуда, хотя за границей хорошо, там спиртное на халяву

  • Future with positive says:

    наконец то добрался до вашего видео) так нравится творчество на вашем канале, контент годный, стараюсь по мере возможности не пропускать ни одного видео, так как интересно позвать и увидеть все , за экскурсию и видео лайк)

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    мне так нравится ваш канал, всегда узнаю , познавательные вещи, спасибо

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    Приятно посмотреть на коллегу! А я жила в Индии, тоже наснимала, мне вас интересно смотреть!

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    Наслышаны,наслышаны. Хотели в этом году поехать,но ..не сложилось .Теперь на следующий год точно едим

  • Александр Колобок says:

    Ваш канал мой путеводитель. Благодарю за толковые советы.

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